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Sikh Mool Mantra

Encapsulating the entire Sikh theology! Both “Mool” (also spelt Mul) and “Mantra” are Sanskrit words — “Mool” simply...

India Sikhism

Sikh Heroes

I put up a post about Sikhs’ role and their bravery in WWII ( LINK )and received a comment that these Sikhs who fought with the British were traitors and...

India Sikhism

Chittisinghpura Massacre

Remembering the forgotten souls of CHITTISINGHPURA MASSACRE, 18 years later still waiting for justice! The world knew who was behind this massacre but the soul...


Seva – Selfless Service

The concept of community service or seva is central to the spirit of the Sikh faith God is all-pervasive and what better way to realise Him than through...


Introduction to Sikhism

Sikhism is one of the major world religions founded in the 15th century in Punjab district of what is now India and Pakistan. It was founded by Guru Nanak Dev...