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The importance of light

There was a farmer in a village who had two daughters. One of them got married locally and another was married to a Sozian (a man form Chola country) in a...


Money and Maya

by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Money gives us a sense of freedom and ownership. We feel that with money, we can own anything or put a price tag on anybody’s services...


Satsang for your psyche

By Dhyanjoti Sanghvi  ‘Satsang‘, the concept of a spiritual gathering is either construed as a gathering of elderly aunties singing freestyle or a...


The Universe Is One

 By B.N.V.Parthasarathi Man can never invent anything but can only discover. The so called inventions are either discoveries or innovations, i.e., either...


Wisdom for all

1. We are put to test and trial in this world. Only those who meditate and do their Karma can succeed. 2. Every spot on earth where satsangs are held is a...


Ecstasy On All Chakras

Sexuality is not a force or an adjective for physical union; it’s an intrinsic part of human evolution, says Meena Om. The universe is interwoven and...


How To Manage Expectations

People’s expectations bogging you down? Try looking at them differently! If people’s expectations of you have been bothering you, perhaps it’s time to...


The Source of Thoughts

Question: What is the source of our thoughts? Sadhguru: In terms of content, the source of your thoughts is the accumulation of your sense perceptions. In...