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Indian Sanskriti digital platforms are an effort to raise awareness and educate about Rich Indian Heritage, Achievements, Practices and Values!

Every civilization contributes uniquely to the enrichment of humanity. 

  • US/European nations have improved the quality of life in terms of faster aeroplanes, mobile phones/tablets, homes equipped with smart gadgets etc.
  • The core contribution from Indian (also known as Bharat) is a rich and varied stream of Inner Science frameworks including various art forms that helped various beings to live a happy and fulfilling life!

In the current world 

  • People have access to good quality beds, but have a lesser depth of sleep!!
  • People are chasing multiple diamond rings forgetting to show gratitude for the finger they have!!
  • People have larger homes but miss warm family interactions!!

Due to this people are getting into boredom and depression leading to more suffering.

The insights from Indian heritage has a rich inner science solution framework that is extremely relevant today where humanity is struggling to find happiness/fulfilment and meaning in life.

The focus of the Sanskriti team is to provide authentic content not diluted by biases. It’s supported purely by volunteers who are also practitioners of these inner science frameworks and benefitted from the same. 

Sanskriti digital platforms have the vision to inspire its consumers to explore and experience these inner science happiness frameworks from Indian Heritage.

 All images and artworks are designed by our creative staff ©Sanskriti Magazine 


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  • love this site and content it has. thanks for making a blog about ancient wisdom of this country, we are passing from a phase of transformation, the information about real India will enlighten every Indian and people love and curious about our cultural and spiritual heritage.

    thanks !

  • Great, I love it and many more are getting benefited by this. People are reading all article but not giving feedback does not mean it means this selfless service will cntinue

  • YES!
    I liked the site and the articles about the present and past India .
    Thank you for you work. : )

  • Any one, whether born in a Hindu family or born in any non-Hindu family or culture, should subscribe Sanskriti Magazine to learn essence of “spirituality”. Who am I and where am I heading, should be a natural quest.

  • I love this site. Such a site is much needed for the next generation of Indians and Hindus to appreciate the great culture of India, which should be more accurately known as Bhaarat.

  • Why don’t you allow comment in your Facebook posts?

    • There are comments on FB posts, I’m not sure why you can’t comment.