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Goswami Tulsidas

By Swami Sivananda Tulsidas was born in Rajapur, in the district of Banda in Uttar Pradesh, in Samvat 1589 or 1532 A.D. He was a Sarayuparina Brahmin by birth...


The 24 Gurus we can find in Nature

Examples from the 11th Canto of Srimad Bhagavatam. The 24 gurus are: the earth, air, sky, water, fire, moon, sun, pigeon and python; the sea, moth, honeybee...


Sage Yajnavalkya of Mithila

The name of Yajnavalkya of Mithila stands distinguished both in the Srutis and in the Smritis. Yajnavalkya is especially known for his unsurpassed spiritual...