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Sardar jokes are so cool!

Life would be boring without jokes. We all crack jokes. In India, most of the jokes, for some years now are being cracked on the Sikhs. There are these 12...


In Harmony With Nature

The Supreme Being is Karta Purakh, the Creator, transcendent and All-pervasive. Creation is His manifestation. “True is He and true is His Creation, All...


Legends of Hemkund Sahib

Please click on images to view in full: The spiritual richness of India is adored worldwide. Being a home of various religions, India has different pilgrimage...


Green Living with the Gurus

Organisms respond to changes in their environment by evolutionary adaptations in form and behaviour. At present we face great survival challenges as both these...


All Twelve Months Are Sacred

In Sikhism, viraha or separation is commonly used in Barah Maha or 12 months to depict the moods of a love-stricken woman in terms of the changing seasons of...


Five Evils according to Sikhism

The Five Voices of Ego Homai – Aham – Ego In Sikhism, homai, or ego, is considered to be the primary cause of evil doing. Five elements of ego are...


Do you know who Sikhs are?

Sikhism is one of the major world religions founded in the 15th century in Punjab district of what is now India and Pakistan. It was founded by Guru Nanak Dev...