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India Indian Christian Jihad

Celebrating Indian Secularism!!


Please join us today to celebrate the giving and forgiving nature of Hindus and other faiths of India. Did I say giving!? sorry I wanted to say forgetting or short memory or may be careless, ignorant, who cares, all is one kind…

Please join us to celebrate whatever is left of ever depleting,  disappearing and mutilated Indian culture, here on Sanskriti!

Please don’t bother clicking on the images below, there’s nothing happening here!



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  • Sale Hindu Dharma badalte badalte khud khud Hindu ban gay … in ki kya aukaat hai jo apne maa baap ke nahi hosakte to kya desh ke honge…. Secularta ke naam par vishva ko tabah kar rahe hai….

  • I know the remarks by Westerners can be offensive, but often is merely a lack of knowledge. We are not all well educated in terms of other cultures. Perhaps these moments can become a teaching opportunity that will help them to spread the right information about Hindu culture to others.

  • so shameful for hindus . but these christain missionaries befool mostly those who r uneducated n poor indians .
    thats why ramdev baba is saying — RETURN TO VEDAS . once they will be knowing their real existance, they will return to their original roots i. e hinduism .

    will take time because congress has really attacked on the roots of hinduism . 60 yrs of congress rule !!

  • This what happens when care takers of hinduism i.e. Priests/Brahmins learned ones are disrespected and dishonoured

    People will follow all these sort of rituals to express love to the almighty, in the name of these mutilated religions

    It has become a racist comment even to mention that a person belongs to Hindu or a Brahmin community. Out of style to speak a good indian dialect or study sanskrit or get treatment in ayurveda.

    This is the outcome of our own people making mockery of what we have and believing in half-baked truth.

  • I agree that there is definitely an attempt to undermine Sanatana Dharma by Christian missionaries, this is obvious. Inserting Christ into Hindu imagery is a big part of this. Now, the interesting part is that if you show these images to a Western Christian, it has the opposite effect. They begin wondering if there is something more to spirituality than simply believing in a guy in the clouds who judges us for our sins. They begin wondering if there is such a thing as ‘enlightenment,’ or a higher state of consciousness beyond suffering and worldliness. So the very same images that are intended to act as a doorway for Hindus into Christianity, can often act as a doorway for Christians into Dharma. Om.

    • You mean to say the Dharmic ‘mumbo-jumbo’ starts to filter into the Abrahamic mind by these very same pictures ! Wow a very interesting viewpoint Brandon ji.
      Never knew or thought of it that way before.

    • That’s the thing my friend most indian Christians are poor & superstitious. Once they get educated & start to learn what real sanatan dharma is but taught not by Christian priests then they will begin to come to Vedas too. Don’t forget its “Kaliyuga – The Time period of Evil” the real dharma will suffer during this time which is happening but eventually world will return to sanatan dharma.

  • Sickularism! Please note the Sanatan Dharma is incomparable,scientific and gentle if you think beyond some of the story telling that we ,as ordinary people may not understand……and this is from a person who has never lived in India but is of Indian origin…and dont tell me that I dont fit in the society I live in and therefore am desperate to belong.I think it is due to the western education which teaches you to be objective and an independent thinker with confidence.