The art of lucid dreaming

The art of lucid dreaming

Lucid dreaming is an art that you can learn to make your life better. Many people have tried and tested this technique all across the world. This training on lucid dreaming will ensure that you have sweet dreams always.

What is Lucid Dreaming?

Let us understand what is meant by lucid dreaming and how it can be useful for us in our daily lives. People normally say that they do not have any control over what they dream. The concept of lucid dreaming has a totally different opinion as it says that you can easily control what you are dreaming about.

Steps to Induce Lucid Dreams

There are a lot of books that have been written on art of lucid dreaming, yet most of them would either be too voluminous or difficult for a novice or they may present distorted facts. We will take you through some steps in brief that can help you understand at least the preparatory stages of this concept.

  1.  You need to prepare your mind for lucid dreaming. You can do this by asking some simple questions and answering them yourself. First you have to make yourself believe that you can do the art of lucid dreaming. Remove all the doubts from your mind about your ability to dream in this manner.
  2.  As a second step you must accept that dreams are important and we are what we dream of. If you have a passion to do lucid dreaming you will feel more interest in doing it. You have to love the concept of lucid dreaming only then you will be able to do away with all the negative factors that can come between you and lucid dreaming. You must prepare yourself on what you are going to dream about.
  3.  Learn to recall your dreams are the second step in lucid dreaming. This can be quite a challenge because we are not used to dream like this naturally.  As soon as you are awake do not allow your mind to divert. Do not open the eyes just think of the dreams that you had. This will allow you to remember some of your dreams easily. You will remember the dreams part by part. Just allow the pieces to fall in place.

Think more about the points you remember and this will help you to get into more details of what you were dreaming about. You have to take your memory backwards as you practice lucid dreaming. You will first remember what you saw just before waking up and slowly you will move to the earlier stages of the dream. There are some particular sleeping positions that can help you better in lucid dreaming. Try all the positions till you get the position that works the best for you.

  1.  Maintaining a dream journal is the third step in Lucid Dreaming. As soon as you remember what you dreamt of write it down in a dairy. Keep this record as this will help you to understand and analyse the patterns of your dreams better. As you write down you will get into the regular habit of Lucid Dreaming.
  2.  The next step in lucid dreaming is to become familiar with your dreams. As you follow the first few steps regularly you will be able to understand your dreams better. For example you must be constantly dreaming about a particular person. This step will help you to develop a strong bond with your dreams. This will allow you to understand what your dreams are trying to tell you.
  3.  The fifth step in lucid dreaming is a little more complex than what we have been discussing so far. It is about adding awareness to your waking consciousness. If you show more awareness and concentration in what you do during the day you will be able to concentrate on your dreams better. It is like the concept of mindfulness and meditation. You can try meditation in you want to increase your ability of lucid dreaming. It will help you to remember your dreams much better.
  4.  You must learn to differentiate between dream and reality. This is vital in lucid dreaming. Sometimes people are thinking about things that are happening in their life as they are sleeping. This is not dream this is reality. Dreams are mostly not logical they do not have any connection whatsoever with reality. In dreams you can be a king or a warrior. So when you think about your dreams in the process of lucid dreaming do a reality check to understand if it was actually a dream or it was a figment of the reality you are living in.
  5.  This is the last and the final step in lucid dreaming. It is the step where you will be linking your awareness with your dreams. Merge your reality checks with your dream signs. This will help you to appreciate and understand your dreams much better.

These are some interesting points on lucid dreaming. You may have to join a regular class if you want to understand the concept in a better manner. Do keep practicing lucid dreaming if you really want to understand your dreams better.

Unlocking your dreams can answer a lot of questions that bother you on a daily basis. It can also guide you and show you the path that you must follow for a better life. Many people across the world have benefited from the art of lucid dreaming and you could be the very next one.

~ Vedantacharya Bhatt


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  • Lucid dreaming is western packaging of Yoga Nidra – please stop using misappropriated language for what is our heritage! Cannot believe Sanskriti magazine not knowing this!!

    The techniques for Yoga Nidra are very detailed and can be used to effect fundamental transformations. Recalling dreams is just one of the simplest, and very useful, aspects.

  • It is amazing to see that this reputed magazine is using the term that the Westerners use for Yog Nidra. This Indian tradition has been digested by them and no attribution has been given by the west to the original source.

    At least this site should not promote this western concept of our own heritage.

    Use the term “Yog Nidra”

  • Vedantcharya Bhatt – You must do all the lucid dreaming!!! We will do Yoga Nidra instead.

    Wake up Bhatt ji….you must be on a flight of fancy. Before posting this I strongly advice that you should read BEING DIFFERENT and that should help you practice Yoga Nidra insread of LUCID DREAMING.

    If you feel that because of your brown skin westerners have an upper edge that tough luck you suffer from inferiority complex and if you do not, then you are naive. So sooner you realise the better it will be.

  • A message from a Beginner to all the terminology comments-

    For starters, call it Yoga Nidra or Lucid Dreaming.. as long as you learn how to do it and gain the benefits I personally don’t think the term should matter. I’m an Indian and this message goes out to all of our kinds trying to superiorise (not a word but you know what i mean) the culture by showing that we had it in our text books..well someone is trying to spread a good motive by teaching something and if we (you and me) could stop focusing on one word and flaunting our insecurity and rather look at the bigger picture that would be really helpful for everyone.

    PS: Thanks for the article Mr. Bhatt