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Five types of questions

The spark behind every great discovery that has taken place on this planet has been the spirit of inquiry  When that inquiry is directed outwards – “What is...


God is in Your Genes!

What is the significance of giving one’s name, nakshatraand gotram while doing the abhishekam at Linga Bhairavi? These things were very significant and...


The Conquest of Power

Do you seek power? Do you wish to conquer your world? Is the whole world your adversary? Do you seek the power of wealth and control over others? Does the...


Mould for the Mind

The body with its organs is none other than the mind. The physical body is the outward manifestation of the mind. The mind is the subtle form of this physical...


What is Civilization?

Life has become entirely dependent and freedom is unknown. When the switch fails, there is no light in the house. When you want it badly, there is no water in...


Strengthen the Mind

The mind is a bundle of habits. Bad habits and prejudices hidden in one’s nature will necessarily be brought to the surface of the mind when the proper...