Surya Chikitsa: The Ayurvedic Art of Colour Therapy

Science and Technology have advanced phenomenally since the cradle of life evolved on earth thus expanding our vistas of knowledge. Yet there are a number of phenomena which   science is unable to explain. One such important query is what is it which instills life in the body? Till date scientists have been unable to provide a conclusive answer to this question. The life giving force in all living beings remains a mystery.

We speak of Soul or Pran residing in every body. It is the reason for our body being alive. Once the Soul or Pran leaves the body, the body is lifeless. So what is Pran? Colored Bottles therapyWhere does it reside in the body? Why does it leave the body? Where does it go after leaving the body? Science is silent on these queries. This is where Surya Chikitsa comes in.

Surya Chikitsa does not provide answers to above queries but strives to ensure well being of the Pran. Pran is the vital energy which instills life in the body. Surya Chikitsa is a natural line of treatment based on the tenet that health of the body is directly related to the well being of the Pran or vital energy in the body. All energy required by living beings to survive is ultimately derived from the Sun. In a way, Sun is the life giving force. Surya means Sun and Chikitsa stands for Treatment. Using this natural source of life giving energy – the Sun – to preserve and heal the Pran, in turn healing the body is termed as Surya Chikitsa.

The Sun is very highly regarded and worshipped in many cultures since time immemorial. The ancient Egyptian, Greek and Hindu culture all bear testimony to this. Even contemporary science upholds that life on earth can survive only so long as the Sun exists in our solar system.

The art or rather science of using the Sun’s energy to heal our body was developed in ancient Indiaand has been in use here since ages. Gradually this knowledge spread to Egypt, Unan, Iran, and China and in the more recent times to the Western countries, USA and UK. During that era, scientific basis of Surya Chikitsa was not documented. The treatment stemmed from deep rooted religious believes. The knowledge was passed from one generation to the other by word of mouth. Only the highly knowledgeable people, familiar with all the nuances of this line of treatment, specialized in providing this treatment.

Surya Chikitsa faced obscurity as new systems of medicine like Allopathic evolved. Surgeries became more a norm of the day rather than exception. But people are now disillusioned due the side effects which occur or when they contract diseases which are seemingly incurable. They are turning to alternate lines of treatment. The inquisitive minds of today will not accept any therapy that is not proven experimentally. Today Surya Chikitsa has been researched, documented and well proven. The wonderful result achieved by Surya Chikitsa or Sun Ray Therapy has once again increased its trustworthiness and popularity.

Generally, people living in rural areas, the farmer toiling in the fields, the laborers working bare body on the streets are subjected to elements of nature including ample sunlight. They may not have highest quality nutrition or best hygienic living conditions. Yet most of the times these people are much sturdy and resistant to disease as compared to higher/middle class people of the urban areas. These urban people may have high paying white collar jobs, spend most of their time in air-conditioned homes and offices, have a higher hygienic standard and eat rich food, yet they are frequently prone to illness, have much lesser immunity and stamina.

The main cause of this is because they have shunned Nature. Their body is deficient in the vital energy provided by the Sun. whatever little exposure they get to sunlight is insufficient to provide the requisite health benefits. The quantum of Sun energy in the body is disturbed causing low vitality, weakening of Pran and tendency to contract illness.

Statistics show that most people are born healthy. Tendency to acquire disease stems from irregular lifestyle which is out of tune with Nature. Person living in harmony with the elements of Nature will rarely fall sick. A very good example of this is the animals and birds living freely in their natural habitat. Do we ever hear of them falling sick? Human being is the only animal who lives the most unnatural life.

“Health is Wealth”, “Pehala sukh nirogi kaya” are popular sayings highlighting the importance of good health. We should understand the principles of good health and abide by them. They are very simple and do not involve any rocket science.

  1. Food – moderate, nutritious diet, preferably vegetarian
  2. Light exercise, plenty of fresh air, water and sunlight.
  3. Regular routine, sleeking and waking hours.
  4. Eliminate or restrict intake of stimulants like alcohol, tobacco, tea, coffee etc.

The imbalance of quantum of Sun’s energy in our body leads to loss of vitality or weakening of Pran. This in turn leads to sickness. Sun Ray Therapy or Surya Chikitsa can be used to restore this balance. This therapy uses the natural source of life giving energy – the Sun – to heal and preserve the Pran which increases the vitality and eliminates sickness. Following is an indicative, not exhaustive, list of disease which finds a cure in Surya Chikitsa.

  1. Insomnia, depression, tension, mental instability, degeneration of brain cells, migraine, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, mental retardation in children
  2. Mouth ulcers, boils on the edge of eye lids, pimples
  3. Sinus problem, asthma, problems related to bronchi-trachea and lungs
  4. Spondylitis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica pain, disabled knee joints, back-ache, lower back pain, pain at tail end of spine, any other joint pain.
  5. Problems of the digestive system, worms in stomach, acidity, stomach ulcers
  6. Paralytic effect, polio, muscular dystrophy
  7. Fatigue, burns

It is well known that sun is the source of life giving energy to all living beings. Without sun all living beings will die. Sun gives us heat and light. Although sunlight appears white, it is actually composed of seven colours. A rainbow is the most brilliant display of these colours. Each of the constituent colours is directly responsible for the correct and normal functioning of some body organs. Our body is like a machine. Different organs in it are like parts of the machinery. To run the machine we need energy. We get this energy from the food we intake. Beside this energy, one more thing is required. That is motivational force. As an analogy, consider a car. Fuel alone cannot run the petrol car. An electrical current from the car battery is required to actually run the car. This current acts as a motivational force.

In the body, a particular colour ray acts as a motivational force for a particular organ. If the car battery current is higher or lower than the normal required average, then the car will not run properly. Similarly, if the quantum of colour rays is higher or lower than the required average, then the organ will not function properly. This imbalance of the quantum of colour rays in our body manifests itself as a particular disease. If this imbalance is corrected, organ’s function will return to normal. One should bear in mind that not only organs, even all the cells of the body are also motivated by these coloured rays to function in normal way.

Sun Ray Therapy has the following properties:

  1. It is a natural line of treatment having no side effects.
  2. Root cause of disease is eliminated rather than merely suppressing symptoms of the disease.
  3. Persistent, recurrent diseases are cured once and for all.
  4. Potency of medicine does not reduce despite prolonged storage.
  5. Body immunity is not developed by frequent or prolonged use of medicine

~  Dr. R.K. Saksena

Colours and their healing benefits:

  • colour therapyRED:  regulates blood circulation, helps in digestive and breathing problems, stimulates cell growth, relieves constipation, creates alertness and self-confidence while decreasing lethargy and depression. Balances the Muladhara or Root Chakra.
  • ORANGE:  Stimulates the nerves and blood supply, increases thyroid activity, brings cheerfulness, increases confidence and joy while decreasing moodiness and feeling of insecurity. Balances the Swadhisthana or Sacral Chakra.
  • YELLOW:  Aids in constipation, eye and throat infections, soothes nerve pain, increases skin health while healing scarred tissues.  Increases memory and charming personality while decreasing the tendency to be judgmental and fault-finding. Balances the Manipura or Solar Plexus Chakra.
  • GREEN: Calms anxiety, depression, nervousness, inflammatory conditions and is beneficial to strengthen eyesight.  Reduces indecisiveness, anxiety and claustrophobia.  Brings positive energy and harmony with Nature. Balances the Anahata or the Heart Chakra.
  • BLUE:  A calming colour that brings tranquility and patience while lowering stress and negativity.  Reduces bleeding, hair loss, body temperature, pain, helps heal burns, skin conditions, high blood pressure, aids as a stress relief, calms aggression and hysteria. Balances the Vishuddha or Throat Chakra.
  • INDIGO:   Purifies bloodstream, relieves mental stress, increases stability and rational thought and actions while reducing impulsiveness. Balances the Ajna or Brow Chakra.
  • VIOLET:  Treats emotional disturbances, stress, insomnia, eye and ear problems and headaches.  Increases mental stability and rational thinking while decreasing impulsiveness. Balances Shahsrara or Crown Chakra.

Some easy do-it-yourself home colour therapies:

Water Therapy: Buy some coloured glass bottles with lid/cork on top.  Fill the bottle with 3/4 water and place in direct sunlight for 8 hours.  Sip half a cup of this water three to four times a day.  Do not refrigerate.  For best results, keep the bottle in sunlight for three days before use.

Breathing Therapy: Place a coloured glass bottle with lid on top in sunlight for a minimum of two hours and breathe in the air accumulated in the bottle.

Window Therapy: Cover your window with a coloured gelatin paper of your choice and bask in the sunlight for a minimum of 10 minutes every day.

Oil Massage Therapy: Fill a coloured glass bottle with the oil of your choice and charge it in the sun for 45 days.  Each oil has a different characteristic colour associated with it.  For e.g., coconut oil should be kept in a blue bottle whereas linseed oil should be charged in a red bottle.

Colour Bath Therapy: If you are unable to find a colour bath therapy pouch, you can still relax in a bathtub, close your eyes and mentally visualize different colours moving around the seven energy centers to heal them.

Coloured Fabric Therapy: Wear clothes of the colour of your choice and sit in the sun for at least an hour.

Coloured Candle Therapy: Lighting candles magnifies their colour and the vibrations associated with the particular colour are activated.

Gemstone Therapy: Dip the washed gemstone or crystal of your choice in a glass vessel full of water and place in the sun for a minimum of 2 hours.  Remove the gemstone and drink the charged water.



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