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A Life of Miracles

As we sit down next to a stream, we can listen to its laughter and watch its sparkling waters, noticing the pebbles glistening and the fresh green plants...


The Five Precepts of Buddhism

Other religions derive their ideas of right and wrong from the commandments of their god or gods. You Buddhists don’t believe in a god, so how do you...


Buddhism and Rebirth

As long as this Kammic force exists there is re-birth, for beings are merely the visible manifestation of this invisible Kammic force. Death is nothing but the...


Unearthing the bones of Buddha

David Clensy talks to the expert in Indian history who believes he has found the final resting place of the Buddha It sounds like the plot of the next Indiana...


How To Become A Nobody

When the Buddha got enlightened on that full moon day in May, it is said that he maintained silence for the whole week. He didn’t say a word. Mythology says...


Vedic roots of Buddhism

Many people may know about Buddhism, but few seem to understand its connections with Vedic culture and how many aspects of it have origins in the Vedic...


Think before you speak

The Buddha spoke about the four kinds of wrong speech. The first is lying When a person goes to a court of justice, or in the company of relatives and friends...