Tent vendors join hands against child marriages in Rajasthan


Jaipur: In a move to demoralize child marriages, 47,000 marriage tent dealers of Rajasthan under the banner of Rajasthan Tent Dealers Kiraya Vyavsai Samiti have decided not to supply tents for the child marriages.

To ensure that they are not part of any child marriage, they will ask the father and mother of bride and groom for the birth certificates. Besides, if they will find that they are becoming part of any child marriage, they will immediately inform the nearby police station of their respective hamlet, village or city of Rajasthan.

Prior to Akha Teej during last week of April and first week of May, there has been a tendency of people living in the villages and hamlets to marry off their children. Despite many laws and legislations, these marriages are happening. In the districts, including Chittorgarh, Dungarpur, Banswara, Jhunjhunu, Sikar, Churu and others, the child marriages are rampant before the Akha Teej festival which is considered auspicious to solemnize such weddings.

In a meeting held late on Friday evening, the tent dealers urged their 47,000 fellows across the state not to supply marriage tents and other things in the marriages if it is a child marriage.

“When anyone will come to book us to supply the tent and do other decorations, we will ask for the birth certificate of the boy and girl to ensure it is not child marriage. In case a person or group of persons gives us wrong information, we will immediately inform the nearby police and other government officials for the required intervention,” said Ravi Jindal, president of Rajasthan Tent Dealers Kiraaya Vyavsai Samiti, while talking to TOI.

Jindal added that their team will work and support the state government’s initiative to curb the social evil. “In the age certificate if we find that either bride or groom or both are minors we will not only say no to the booking we will also inform the police and other officers concerned,” Jindal added.


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  • Tent vendors have done a good job, but it is not sufficiant the families of those who are doing child marriages must be educate them not to do it,if they not responded then those families also keep far away from the sociaty. This is 21st century people must try to understand the value of democracy and behave like a full fledged human and not like a half animal +man. Pandits should not attend such child marriages, if any Pandit attended such marriage he must also punished without any warrant. INDIA IT SELF HAS A NATURAL SOCIAL CONSTITUTION WHICH LEAD BY THE PEOPLE ,FOR THE PEOPLE, AND TO THE PEOPLE it was damaged by the wars,selfish leaders,anti social elements, and pseudo leadership.Now this must spread through out Hindustan. This is Hindus personal agenda.