I am Nobody if I Act Like Nobody

I am Nobody if I Act Like Nobody

We are HUMANS for some reasons; reasons or qualities, characteristics that you and I, or any other human being exhibits.

Then, there are sub categories of humans – Americans, Australians, Englishmen, Russians and list goes big, very big. Somehow, INDIANS have a very distinctive place for their existence. Indians, the so-called civilized people, the followers of cultural moral values, or Indians, who are struggling to get their esteem and who do what no other creatures even think. This is our civilization, this is how we are developing, and this is how we are sophisticating. Indians – on a verge of coming out as a super power.

There are only two subcategories of humans. Good and Bad. I am not GOD, nor a messenger of God, nor a politician “democratically” chosen by people, nor a media person who brings what brings the best to him, nor a police officer who is as good as handicapped. I am an Indian looking to find a category for myself. Where should I fall? Schools taught me that I come from a great country, which was once the home to, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, and The Buddha. Where once Guru Nanak had spread his good thoughts once and wrote Guru Granth Sahib. Schools taught me to be proud of being an Indian.

I am an Indian and I am ashamed of it. I am an Indian and I find myself in Bad side. I am an Indian and I am Nobody. I am an Indian looking for a place for my existence. Oh, I exist when Tendulkar hits a six, I even exist when Modi comes to stage, I exist when Shahrukh or Salman dance for me but I see myself nowhere when a girl is raped. I cry for religious bias but I find myself nowhere when I tease a girl in front of me. I do not want to show any backing if someone in me tries to help the girl. I am a developing, democratic and ashamed Indian. But when I look myself in the mirror, I see nobody.

Though, our GDP will grow 7.5%, still are we literally touching those heights? I believe that I do not deserve the appreciation of this growth; I do not deserve to be in humans if I am making lakhs in market and decline to help someone disrespected and dishonored in front of my eyes.

I am who is watching and I am who is raping. I cross all the lines of brutality and inhumaneness. History repeated itself and a distressing and poignant act of cruelty repeated itself. I heard a roar raised when Nirbhaya of Delhi lost her life but watching clearly I found nothing else but bunches of pests were roaring. Pests who never gave a shit about any Nirbhaya again, even if they watched her being teased.

For those thousands of girls, I cry, when I hear and I try when I get the chance. What happened in Rohtak again proved that we still need lessons. I never understand that how many cases like that will come for us as teachings. When the Indian will wake up? When the stain of “not-good-for-girls” will sweep from my India?

I should start acting now, I should raise my voice now, and I should respect the girls now, because I am nobody if I act like nobody. I should know that the wisest of all – Raavana from Ramayana met his end only because of a thought of disrespecting a woman. Then why I, who is so religious, and who is so pious, fail to recall the scriptures when it comes to a girl.

I am not here with a message or a request, but I am here with a concern of the future. What exactly will be the future, as the time is passing, I am showing a face, which is not good to even spit on.

~ Akshay Thakur


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  • Akshay :- This is really good article…infact I should say expression of the real world with solutions…I agree with you and we should start acting from today…also last but not the least…Hindu faith always says:- Sita Ram/Shiv Shakti / Radha Krishna…..we have great respect and significance for women but that has only stick to names of our God’s if we really believe in that we should start respecting and encouraging women in our society..