Hindu is a Coward

There is common perception that Hindus are cowards and Muslims are brave. Even Mahamta Gandhi went on to write: “Hindu is a coward and a Muslim a bully by nature.”

This perception mostly results from the fact that a handful of barbaric Muslim invaders were able to defeat the Hindus and rule over them for centuries.

If one were to analyze the underlying causes that led to the defeat of the Hindus, there is no evidence to suggest that the Hindu is coward — Hindus just have different ideology — a different set of priorities and ideas about nature of things.

Hindu defeats were more intellectual and cultural. Muslims brought a new ideology and a new kind of warfare to India — one that at first the Hindus did not understand. And today when they fully understand it, they are not willing to adopt it.

Guru Hargobind

The Hindu mind regarding “religious” warfare was first expressed by none else than Alberuni, a scholar in Greek, Farsi and Arabic and an astronomer in his own right, who came to India with Mahmud Ghaznavi, stayed in India, learnt Sanskrit, read extensively all Hindu literature, wrote 20 books including translations on India. In his still available book Indica, he went on to observe:

“On the whole, there is very little disputing about theological topics among themselves; at the utmost they fight with words, but they will never stake their soul or body or their property on religious controversy.”

Hindus believed in open discussion of theological topics but did not kill each other for their opinions and they could not understand why would one kill others for differing on matter of theology or imposing their own ideas on others.

Almost thousand years later, talking of the betrayal of king Dahir of Debal, V S Naipaul went on to explain the Hindus’ reaction to Muslim invasions in the following words:

“It is the first of the betrayals that will assist the Arab conquest. But they are not betrayals, really. They are no more than the actions of people who understand only that power is power, and believe they are changing rulers; they cannot conceive that a new way is about to come.”

Hindu kings, before Islam, fought incessantly but it made no difference to general public — they were not asked to change their religion, their women were not raped, their temples and cities were not plundered and desecrated. The war did not touch their personal lives. All they got was another king.


A new way did dawn upon India after the conquest of Muhammad bin Kasim but the cultural moorings of Hindu were so strong that they refused to learn the new ways of Islam. That would have meant giving up Hinduism. While civilizations of Arabia, Egypt, Anatolia, Mesopotamia, Iran and others crumbled before the Islamic onslaught, Hindus withstood it for centuries. Had the Hindus been cowards, India today would have been a purely Islamic state. They refused to be annihilated and were not desirous of annihilating even the aggressor. Religious warfare, as Alberuni observed, has no place in their ideology.

It is not Hindus lack of understanding of these new ways even after almost 1300 years and even when Hindus were massacred in Pakistan, they failed to retaliate in India. Even today after all the massacres of Hindus in Kashmir, the Hindus don’t want to fight in the name of religion. Secularism in India is not an empty slogan or mere cosmetic — it is the very basis of Hindu beliefs and that is why a common Hindu is still ashamed of Babri masjid demolition while a Muslim — of Hindu ancestry — has no qualms or shame of the destruction of tens of thousands of Hindu temples by Muslim invaders. The difference in behavior is nothing but the ideology that one follows — both have the same genetic pool in their blood stream.

It is not without reason that despite what has been visited upon the Hindus by the Muslims, Hindu India is still a secular country while there is not a single Muslim country that subscribes to the ideal of secularism. M J Akbar in his book The Siege within India admits that India is secular because it is a Hindu majority country.

As far as Hindu bravery is concerned — it is well documented in the annals of Muslim victors themselves — I need not go into details of that. It is the Hindu psyche that refuses to act contrary to their long held beliefs that killing in the name of religion is not the right thing to do.

The success of the Muslim invaders came not from their being a martial or superior race or being physically stronger — it were the same Arabs who had not done any “brave” acts other than trading in entire history before Islam — it was only after they took on the ideology of Islam that preached them to be cruel to all infidels and spread the “TRUE FAITH” that they went on the rampage. The Buddhist Afghans had lived with their Buddhist/Hindu neighbors for a millennium — it was only after they adopted the creed of Islam that they went on the rampage on those very people with whom they shared history and culture.

A study of the lives and teachings of Muhammad and Buddha, Mahavir and even Gandhi today will explain why the Muslims and the Hindus behave the way they do. Physically and genetically an Indian/Pakistani Muslim is no different from his Hindu compatriot — it is the ideology that one follows that makes the difference. It is the ideology that makes them act so differently from each other.

The Vedic “Ekam satya, viprah bahuda vadanti” — there is one truth but people call it by different names — is deeply engraved on and continues to control the Hindu mind and actions while the Koranic injunctions “Islam is the only true faith” and “Those who do not believe in Our revelations shall be inheritors of Hell” continue to guide the minds and lives of Muslims.

~Vinod Kumar



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  • Extreme Tolerance is in Hindus’ genes,it does not tantamount to COWARDICE.

    That is why, all faiths & religions have been flourishing on Indian soil since several centuries.

    But Islam has no TOLERANCE towards Non – Islamic Faiths and feel proud by destroying and annihilating others Faiths & religions.

    You may see this in Pakistan,B’desh,Afghanistan,Iran(in case of Zionists ) etc.

    And the last but not the least,Israel has been overpowering All Islamic States neighboring its Borders and are they not cowards ???

    They are cowards beyond any doubt. Israel has been HUMILIATING them since a very long time and they are HELPLESS before Israel.

    Why so ???

    • Islam and Judaism are monotheistic religions. Its childish to rationalize your own shortcomings by offering analysis of others. Hindus constituted more than half of the subcontinent but were unable to defend their families, children or rule. After a prolonged interaction with Muslims, Hindus learnt About defence. I got Hindu Rajput ancestry but ashamed of it as Hinduism could not inculcate boldness and resilience amongst its folloers so they showed very little resolve and endura to fight and defeat a handful of foreign invaders. However their counterparts Sikhs were brave enough who invaded up to Kabul. But again to say both we Muslims of Pakistan and Sikh are different cause we don’t follow Hinduism ( thank God)…..

      • then you do not know your own history, the bravery of Rajputs and the lives they gave up so their future generation could live on…but it seems they gave up their lives in vain to garner cowards who gave up all that their ancestors had to offer for freebies in heaven! Don’t compare yourself to Sikhs because we are well aware of how your government is fueling the Khalistan movement while hooking Punjab onto drug dependency. Sikhs have suffered because of your kind and one day they will wake up!

        Here is a bit of history for your cowardly kinds suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. I hope you will be happy to know your ancestors were raped and brutally abused to submit to Islam:



        And you will no longer be entertained on this page! Go find somewhere else to rant about your false pride and including the Sikhs whom your religion of peace butchered the most!

  • I agree with Suyash Shau……!!! We are clam does not mean we are weak !!! If we retaliate there will be no pakistan…It will be just the way it was before 1947.

  • Hinduism is not a religion like Islam or some other religions. Hinduism is a way of living to lead a peaceful life. recently a research has proved that the Europeans(then barbarians) were taught to use n consume milk by the Indians(then Hindus). how ever if we observe Hinduism its roots are deeply rooted with peace, values n principles unlike Islam. this is the basic reason for their barbaric behaviour n our civilised behaviour.

  • Excellent article , a true dissection of the minds and the ideology it follows. Thanks for the amazing article.

  • Too much of decency is perceived as lack of ability in antonym by others. May be we are engrossed and embraced Lord Rama teachings more while today’s changed world view demands Lord Krishna tactics.

  • Hindus have always been extremely tolerant..and obviously we are cowards. What cultural invasion have we withstood? Whole of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh which were parts of India have been totally isalmised. Partition was a boon which infact awakened Hindus and made them self conscious. If not for the sikhs, casualties would have been much higher of Hindus.

    Hindus have just big, bloated egos. They are more fond of their caste, language, sect, etc. History teaches us that you will never find muslims fighting for Hindus in a war between Hindu and muslim coalitions; Ibrahim Gardi was a rare exception. But what of others? Even now lessons have not been learnt.

    But yes, when Hindus come together we can become extremely potent force. May 2014 elections was a classic example. You will find Hindu politicians donning skull caps indulging in blatant communalism while other than Modi you would have rarely heard instance of Hindu leader who says he is a proud Hindu and proves it by going to temples even in Bangladesh.

    If we dont wake up, already in Kerala Hindus are no more in majority; partition will repeat itself.

  • excellent article (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y)

  • Eye opener.. thanx admin and writer for sharing.

  • Any body any thing say easily because given free mouth to say something but people do not know God create Shiv+Shakti through generation but people forgotten own knowledge and power healing every thing but creating them self find happiness outside but nature wise God given every thing Sun,Earth,Sky,Air,Water but people them-self butcher nature sin or Mahisasur nature killed innocent people and suck the blood not cow pig elephant camel other different kind of animal birds now time coming who know like nithari case people to people suck the blood like Rakhsus because un limit population Arab country Chinese

  • There are some incorrect notions in this article.
    Hindus are not cowards at all. This misperception of Hindus is due to a false understanding
    of history with the wrong perspective.

    Hindu kings successfully resisted and militarily defeated Muslim invaders for nearly the first
    570 years before the establishment of Delhi Sultanate. ( 636 AD-1206 ad)

    Between 1206 AD-1556 AD, Hindu Kings across India inflicted HUNDREDS of defeats on Muslim
    forces. There are HUNDREDS of Hindu inscriptions proclaiming victories in battle against Muslims
    during this period.

    The Mughals who came later were systematically defeated and put down by the Hindu Marathas
    (1640-1760 AD). The Sikhs, who started out as a Hindu sect, defeated the Afghans in the
    Northwest between 1730-1839 AD and established a Sikh empire in those areas.

    Who can say that Hindus are cowards?? If so, then how did India remain as Hindu country?

  • About Hindu tolerance, there are a number of misconceptions here too.
    Al-Biruni’s observation of Hindu tolerance was of the 11th-century where Hindus were tolerant
    among each other but not extending too Islam/Muslims. Hindus were tolerant with each other but not
    necessarily towards Muslims. When Hindu Dharma was in danger, Hindus did fight back, which is why
    India is a Hindu country today.

    Hindus did not believe in killing each other over theology because Hindu schools of thought were
    compatible with one another. But this is not the case with Islam.

    Hinduism has never advocated a blind tolerance to any/every belief system.
    It is Hindu’s ignorance which makes them think that.

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  • Rightly said “blind belief ” is a strong magic potion which transforms people to do most barbaric and super human activities.When we look back into history we know that there were barbarians before islam but no one dared to cross indus then.May be after Asoka the shift of diet to pure vegetarian especially among the ruling and the military group might have softened us reducing the rajasick qualities only rajas can stop thamas. Some one has said of Sri Ram’s tolerance his tolerance comes from the knowledge of his immense strength not the other way around. And lastly as a Hindu is it correct not to accept divergent thoughts