Nehru and Abdullah betrayed Maharaja Hari Singh of J&K


The duplicitous games played with the only monarch who embraced Indian nationalism long before freedom could be seen on the horizon, whose accession retained India’s civilisational and geographical link with the land of sage Kashyap, is best gauged from his anguished letter to President Rajendra Prasad on 16-17 August 1952, three days before the monarch was abruptly abolished.

Maharaja Hari SinghThe 9000-odd word missive details the treachery of the Delhi durbar, choreographed by Jawaharlal Nehru and Sheikh Abdullah; Louis Mountbatten had moved on after initiating the State’s ruination. That such an important historical document is untraceable in the collected works of Indian statesmen is a telling commentary on how State-funded historians have fiddled with the history and memory of the Indian people. The integrity of such collections can be restored only by making every letter public, so that the nation can assess the heroes, villains and knaves for itself.

Writing from exile in Poona, Hari Singh informed the President that since his accession to the throne in 1925, the British had strengthened their hold on the State due to its great strategic importance. Hari Singh incurred their wrath as he tried to curtail their domination.

They instigated a religious rebellion in 1931 with slogans like ‘Down with Hindu Raj’ and ‘Islam in danger’; its key leaders like Chaudhary Ghulam Abbas and Maulvi Yusuf Shah received official posts in ‘Azad’ Kashmir. Within the kingdom, the leaders gained Congress cooperation by calling themselves ‘National Conference’. In 1947, Mountbatten hinted that the Maharaja join Pakistan, while the Government of India’s attitude was desultory.

In September 1947, Hari Singh was asked to appoint Mehr Chand Mahajan as Prime Minister; the latter was briefed by Sardar Patel and promised full cooperation. But on October 21, 1947, Patel wrote to MC Mahajan saying that Sheikh Abdullah (released from prison) was anxious to help the State deal with the troubles and wanted his hands strengthened. Nehru penned a similar letter to Mahajan, urging formation of a provincial government headed by Abdullah, the “most popular person in Kashmir”. Nehru urged withholding accession to India till such Interim Government was installed in the State. (Accession finally happened on October 26-27in well-known circumstances).

Nehru again pressed Hari Singh for Abdullah’s elevation on November 13, 1947. On December 9, 1947, Minister without Portfolio, N Gopalaswami Ayyangar, urged immediate changes in the State’s constitutional and administrative set up, and sent a draft Proclamation approved by Abdullah, for Hari Singh to issue. Gopalaswami insisted on the matter on March 1, 1948, claiming Sheikh was vital to India’s case in the Security Council. Nudged by Nehru, Abdullah made some polite noises and on March 5, 1948, the Maharaja issued the Proclamation referred to in Article 370 of the Indian Constitution.

Between March 1948 and April 1949 when he was forced to quit the State, Hari Singh complained that Sheikh Abdullah and his party assumed total control, ignoring the king and directly securing the consent of the Government of India for whatever they wished. Sheikh objected when the Maharaja and his wife began touring the State to interact with the people and got Delhi to make the Maharaja quit the State ‘for a few months’.

The Yuvraj was appointed Regent, but reduced to a figurehead. The Proclamation of March 1948 stipulated appointment of a Dewan and reserved subjects, yet Abdullah subverted this repeatedly with Nehru’s backing. Hari Singh’s record of this constitutional sabotage makes painful reading even today as the nation reels in shock at the brutal mutilation of its brave jawans defending its difficult borders.

After the king’s eviction, Sheikh Abdullah aspired for absolute control. In a frontal attack on the Maharaja, he began interfering with his private properties, including administration of the Dharmarth Trust created by the dynasty of which Hari Singh was sole Trustee. Charities and institutions maintained from Trust revenues were starved of funds, costs of Puja in temples and Devasthans denied, and the Jammu branch of the Imperial Bank of India ordered to deny the Trustee the amounts of the fixed deposits of the Trust and to transfer the deposits to its Bombay Office! This single episode is the best instance of how Nehruvian secularism would unravel in independent India. Even now, there should be an inquiry into whose orders made the bank act in this manner.

By far the worst was Sheikh Abdullah’s slander – repeated by Nehru in an exceedingly rude letter to the Maharaja – that Hari Singh ran away to Jammu when the invasion began, when the truth is that he left on October 25 at the urging of VP Menon and in the larger interests of the State as the raiders were already at Baramulla. It was Sheikh Abdullah who fled from Srinagar for Delhi (and Nehru’s home) and did not return till Indian troops started landing in Srinagar.

Hari Singh, Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir by BassanoIn November 1950, Vishnu Sahay urged the Maharaja to set up a Constituent Assembly for the State, as foreshadowed in the March 1948 Proclamation, and now demanded by the National Conference. A draft Proclamation was sent for the Maharaja’s comments.

Hari Singh objected to this manner of setting up the Constituent Assembly as he was the properly constituted authority in law to promulgate the Proclamation, and not the Regent (Yuvraj). He felt the powers and functions of the Constituent Assembly should be express, well-defined and accurately worded and exclude from its purview matters not expressly entrusted to it. It should report to the authority that constitutes it, i.e. the ruler who shall seek the advice of the Parliament of India in the matter. But ultimately, the Maharaja was forced to permit the Yuvraj to set up the Constituent Assembly.

Warning the President of the dangers ahead, the Maharaja said the Indian Government had failed to appreciate the legal position; Nehru was taking it for granted that the relevant Articles, particularly Article 370, of the Indian Constitution can be altered and/or amended to suit Sheikh Abdullah. But Article 370 refers specifically to the Maharaja’s Proclamation of March 5, 1948. That is the law which governs the State of Jammu and Kashmir until a new Constitution is framed, approved and adopted not only by the Constituent Assembly of the State but also approved by the King and then by the President of India. But Nehru asked the Yuvraj (who is acting only as Regent) to become the elected Head of State with immediate effort, even before the State Constitution was framed, let alone approved and adopted. He thus deposed the king and the dynasty.

How, the aggrieved king asked the President, could the Government of India take all these steps over the head of the person on whose authority they entered the State and are continuing there and who was the Chief Author of the Proclamation on which is based the future construction of political set up in the country? Despite acting in good faith on the advice of the Indian Government, Mountbatten, Nehru, Patel and Gopalaswami, and despite Abdullah’s promises and assurances, he was eliminated by a process which was neither fair nor honourable.

“Only history and posterity will be able to do justice to our respective points of view,” Hari Singh concluded. Perhaps the time for this has arrived.

~ by Sandhya Jain


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  • Indians are reaping the results of Mr Nehru. Chankaya has rightly said that the decisions a country’s leader makes,its countrymen have to bear its costs. So a leader should very carefully make decisions.

  • Nehru the mugal camouflage inserted his half brother into Kashmir to established long coveted islamic reign in the valley. He didn’t faulter rather he had conspired to cessate Kashmir intentionally. His all plots must be brought into light !

  • Nehru family is basically desendents of Last Mughal Emperor Kotwal- Gyassuddin Qazi. They are basically Muslim and had always framed the policies pleasing Muslims. They changed their surname to Nehru just to escape the wrath of British Empire after 1857 revolution.
    See had anybody of you had seen any other family bearing the name “Nehru” execpt this Nehru family which also changed their name and Adopted Gandhi surname to befool Indian public.

    • Mr.Anil Jee..This is an utter misinformation. Nehrus are a common family name,in addition to Kauls, dhars,Rainas etc.etc.Please amend your remarks..

      • What is there in a surname? Nehru was anti-hindu, which is quite evident from his actions. Article 370 is just one of the examples.

      • No, it’s NOT a common name. Nehru has himself written in his ” My autographhy” that his family surname was Kaul, and as there house in Delhi was beside a lake (Nahar), they were referred to as Nahru, which later on became Nehru. This is the reason that anyone having the surname Nehru IS the descendant of Gangadhar Kaul, the Kotwal of Delhi and the grandfather of Jawahar Lal Nehru. For example, B.K.NEHRU, R.K.NRHRU, ARUN NEHRU.

    • Nehru has been distorted from Naroo, many pundits have surname Naroo. A lot of pundits distorted their surnames when they settled outside the valley. Please find some thing better to write which helps humanity rather than harbour and create hatred . Dead people can not defend themselves..

    • Nehru is not a surname, the family was named as the family who resided near a ” Nehar” ( River ), from where they derived this surname as Nehru

  • When British Govt. Decided, in 1945, under prime minister Atlee to decolonise the kingdom, India, was choosen to be the first choice, hence, the viceroys were instructed to study the popularity of political parties whom the regime of coherence may be given. This exercise continued from Wevel to mountbatten . He was gieven the task, to liberate India by1948. He was to report to British Prime Min. his meetings with Indian leaders, secondly, to inform the Rajas, maharajas & Nawabs to end the British relations and cooperate the Indian leaders. Mountbatten played his role very wisely & liberated India & Pakistan in 1947.

  • History is history. No doubt history has a bearing over the present. But history must not be allowed to overtake the present. It is today very important to help our Kashmiri brothers to regain their past glory and the modern knowledge and amenities and peaceful life.

  • Nehru’s ancestors might have been Mughals; is there a ban on Muslims getting converted as Hindus? If so, how do we deal with the crores of Muslims in every pocket of India? And, what do we do if Hindus want to get converted? Are the Hindus really strong by conviction? If that was so, why did the then Hindus in Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, present Bangladesh etc. get converted? Do not blame Nehru for every thing; he did promoted the idea of Dams, Fertiliser & Insecticide, Antibiotic factories, Steel plant, Rail coach and Engine, Machine tool, Electronic, telephone Factories, Research Units, Copper Smelters, and many more! The people of this country had not and have not risen to the occasion; he too was only a man, subject to likes and dislikes and making errors; If we are wiser and capable, let us create a new and strong India, where Hindus can live comfortably.

      • But Nehru dis not heed to the sane advice of the then Minister Dr K.L.Rao, an eminent engineer himself to link the rivers especially Ganga with Kaveri to ally the draught in several parts of the country. It could have been very easy with almost all the states having one party i.e Congress besides being cost effective. Nehru may be better when compared to heirs in office.

  • महोदय, क्या ये महत्वपूर्ण तथ्यों पर आधारित आलेख हिन्दी में उपलब्ध हो सकता है ? मुझ पर और मेरे जैसे तमाम भारतीयों पर यह बड़ी कृपा होगी! विषय गंभीर है, इसे ठीक ठीक जानना हर भारतीय का हक़ है!…..धन्यवाद!

  • The fact is MP, Rajya sabha, Karan Singh, son of Hari Singh has been a slave of the Nehru-Gandhi family till today. He has never spoken for welfare of Hindus of J&K.

  • Gulab Singh the great grand father of Maharaja Hari Singh had betrayed his benefactor the great Maharaja Ranjit Singh. What goes around. comes around. Allm I can say is that Nehru and Sheikh Abdullah knew their history.

  • Hindus in pakistan, bangladesh are forced to convert to muslim religion. Their females molested raped & gang raped & they are killed if they don’t convert to muslim religion. So please don’t give us this crap why do hindus convert in pakistan & bangladesh. Hindus were kicked out of Kashmir Valley by Muslims in free India. what did Rajiv Gandhi govt do ?

  • It’s all afterthought, how do we justify Mr Hari Singh’s intentions, conduct and actions between 14 August 1947 till the day he signed or rather as few claim was forced to sign the instrument of accession to India in last week of Oct 1947. I have deliberately not mentioned the exact day as for almost 70 odd days this so called Indian nationalist ruler was was considering accession to Pakistan or declaring J&K as independent country. Why why why he didn’t sign accession of his state to India on or before 14 Aug 1947? Please answer this plain and simple question.

    • Because no one went to him with the Instrument of Accession, like was done in case of all other princely state rulers. Plain and simple.

      Now some (not too much) elaborations –
      The first person who went to Maharaja Hari Singh to talk about accession was Lord Mountbaten, and besides trying to convince him to accede to Pakistan (the mission for which he was appointed by the British, as is now proved after publication of official British letters of that time), what he told him was this –
      “I have already talked to Nehru. If you wish to accede to Pakistan, he will have no objection”.

      The delay was not caused by Maharaja, it was due to personal gripes of Nehru with him. Nehru was determined to make him surrender his rulership to Sheikh Abdullah first, and then talk with Abdullah. He didn’t have the slightest worries about any delays or its possible outcomes. Rest of the details may be too complex and lengthy to suit a ‘comment’ here.

  • past is past who so ever looks towards past remains in past for whole life its now 21 century why we fight over religious what i read in history that hindus were forced to leave kashmir thn why some hindu , sikh, Christian families are in kashmir . i never got answer of such question why Hindus are always living in kashmir . as in ariticle the raiders were come to kashmir and they kill non muslims buy why they do all this …. becoz they only do this muslims were crushed by non muslims and when the blood flowing to Pakistan via river after that kabali raided kashmir..

  • If a thorough investigation is done and the dots are connected … then it will become crystal clear that Nehru was a British agent … the British negotiated India’s independence on certain terms … Nehru accepted those terms and conditions, and in that process compromised India’s long term security interests … `the very first and the crucial one was to allow the Muslims to stay in India, without Constitutionally protecting the interests of the Hindus … the result of that disastrous step is that today, after 68 years of independence (1) the Muslims vote as a block and dictate India’s destiny and (2) the Hindus are threatened to become a minority in their one and only homeland … !! (3) the third most damning act of Nehru was to collaborate with the British intelligence to hound Netaji Subhash Bose, the real threat and tormentor of the British Raj in India.

    The other significant damages done to India by Nehru, was by promoting Oxford and Cambridge devised culture of pseudo-secular leftist liberal ideologies in the Indian society and systematically blocking the rise of patriotism based on nationalist spirits … !! Branding RSS as a terrorist organization was a pre-meditated deliberate action of defeating the rise of Nationalism in India.

  • Many of the artists and singers in India are Muslims. Yet they consider singing as an offering to God- a Puja.
    It is said that once when Ustad Bismillah Khan was asked why he was in a rush to get back to Varanasi, he replied, “If I am not there to play my Shehnai, who is there to wake up Lord Viswanath..?” There are many similar anecdotes. When Ustad Syeduddin Dagar sings “Mangala..” in Rag Bhopali, he goes into deep meditation.
    The connection between these artists and such attitude is that most of them who were Hindus were part of the Mughal court, where due to constant pressure and the temptation of being exempted from the ‘Jizya’ that non-Muslims had to pay, many of them converted. Even Tansen’s descendants converted and Mehdi Hassan, the famous Pakistani Gazal singer was one among them.

  • Nehru has always been supportive of Muslim cause.He had even made use of the wildly known “Gandhi” title to make a fool of Hindus whom even today a considerable section of people from remote villages believe that Indira was the sweet grand daughter of Mahatmaji! His slant intentions were all too clear that he has kept Indra “Gandhi’ [read Gundi–Parsi surname] closer to him as he went on to deliver his erudite political speeches across the nation. Moreover she was often found seated next to him facing huge public gatherings but seemingly pretty focused on writing many urgent letters to freedom fighters and other leaders though she was then only 12 or little more!. In appearance what looks like a sharp mental ability on her part, which had later set the tone for her future ahead to be India’s long-standing PM. Cunningly, Nehru was quite impressed with a vision planted in his head that she would soon take the nation on her stride. That means his family would have stronghold on Independent India’s destiny,which has turned out to be true as she took the nation for a malicious ride imposing Emergency. The Iron Lady terrorized the freedom of Press and anyone who stood against her unlawful dictatorship. Now after so long of dynastic rule of Nehru family,which are basically Muslims but after Indira and Rajeev’s assassinations, there comes Sonia Gundi the Italian bar-tender girl as Congress party’s chief executive. But while her husband was the PM she had extended her support for the LTT rebels to carry on insurgency in Sri Lanka at the cost of bartering stolen temple artifacts in exchange of arms and ammunition. She has done a wonderful job and managed well to supply the weapons needed for the Tamil rebels through her Italian associates /mafias. It is said her sister had made huge profits by selling the smuggled items from ancient Hindu temples. Together the sister’s had auctioned much of them in Milan, London and New York but nobody knew where the money has been taken away!

  • hinduo, ye article ko itna circulate karo ki sabhi bhartiyonko samaz me aaye, jawaharuddin giasuddin nehru (gandi naali ka kida) is slum and slum must be wiped out in halal way. allane bheja hai last messenger modi for slum safai, marmake halal gharVapsi….

  • I as an Kashmiri Pandit, firmly believe that revelation of history is of no meaning now. It will not give any impetus to prosperity of the Nation as a whole. We today need to innovate ways & means to enhance our economy & redress the poverty the people & the Nation face. We must develop as a secular prosperous Nation on the map of the Globe.

  • This only proves my analyse that Congress from very beginning hs done more harm than good to Indian nation. However much Congress may hide the facts of history by destroying and not publishing as required, the truth will slowly and steadily come out Future generation will never pardon the rulers however much the Congress try to boost their pride at the expense of truth.

  • Mr. Ail Garg is very right. Nehru was son of Mubaraq Ali and grand son of Ghyasudin Ghazi, the kotwal of Mughals. Moti Lal had two bastard sons out of Muslim women by name of 1, Sheikh Abdulla and 2. Syeed HUssain. Sheikh Abdulla was his bastard brother that is why Nehru brought him as CM of J&K with spl powers vested in Art 370 of Indian Constitution. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar refused to sign Art 370 draft being Law Minister and told Sheikh Abdulla ” you wish India should protect your borders, she should build roads in your area, she shoul supply you good grains and Kashmir should get equal status as India. But Govt. of India should have only limited power and India people should have no rights in Kashmir. To give consent to this proposal, would be a treacherous thing against the interests of India and I, as the Law Minister of India will never do it. ” But Nehru got i passed through Gopal Swami Ayyenger .

  • Mr. Anil Garg is very right. Nehru was son of Mubaraq Ali and grand son of Ghyasudin Ghazi, the kotwal of Mughals. Moti Lal had two bastard sons out of Muslim women by name of 1, Sheikh Abdulla and 2. Syeed HUssain. Sheikh Abdulla was his bastard brother that is why Nehru brought him as CM of J&K with spl powers vested in Art 370 of Indian Constitution. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar refused to sign Art 370 draft being Law Minister and told Sheikh Abdulla ” you wish India should protect your borders, she should build roads in your area, she shoul supply you good grains and Kashmir should get equal status as India. But Govt. of India should have only limited power and India people should have no rights in Kashmir. To give consent to this proposal, would be a treacherous thing against the interests of India and I, as the Law Minister of India will never do it. ” But Nehru got i passed through Gopal Swami Ayyenger .

  • This is quite nonsense to cry over the past. Every time the politics was played whether it was the time of God Rama or Lord Krishna . The poor was poor at that time and the same thing is happening today. The son of a King used to be king in those days and the son of a minister or a chief minister is becoming chief minister today. The difference is that the time has changed only. Muslims used to be cruel during the time of Babur, Hamyun, Shah Jehan and Aurangzeb. Aurengzeb did not spare his blood and slaughtered his own brothers and same thing is happening today . But Muslims are doing today and for what they are doing . Suppose if there is Islam in the whole world what will happen then and what they will achieve. This is all politics and super powers are playing games with each other. So Kashmir is the integral part of India which no body on earth can take. The only thing is that the poor people of Kasmir are being exploited by so called Hurriat Leaders . It is a grat tyranny that their own children are studying is Europe and living lavishly there but the sons of poor kashmiris are dyeing in the protests and their future has been destroyed by these leaders. They have gone 40 years back.

  • People tend to forget the minute Nehru affairs and manuplations. Farook abdula is an ilitimate son of Jawarharlal nehru and ilitimate brother of Indira Gandhi(?)……Firoz gandhi was a muslim whos name was changed to potray him as a Parsi with firoz gandhi name change after Indira got pragnent and had to go through an secret abortion with a british white male in london.

    hence the hundreds of accres of agricultural land owned by Motilal Nehru was the key interest being kept under control by Nehru through Farook’e father shaikh abdulla…unfortunately while shake abdulla was busy with Sardar patel, and others Nehry got busy with Sheikh abdulla’s wife (what an insurance policy produced by Nehry)….

  • Nehru avenged Maharaja Hari Sing for not allowing him to cross KOHALA bridge . Nehru had always soft corner for Sheikh Abdullah and largely influenced by Lord Mount Batten to install Sheikh . Hari Singh was exiled and never returned his homeland which once was his property .He was not liked by Britishers as he openly supported the freedom of India .Even today he is totally ignored though he took certain steps towards compulsory education ,aid to muktabas and patshallas (shools for religious education for hindus and muslims .He was a visionary wanted to beautify valley to promote the tourism ,he constructed the road around the Dal lake the pillars erected for lights are still standing ,the Mohra Hydel power generation project his gift to kashmir which is still active though with brief pause.

  • Nehru did no good for India by allowing J&K to have separate flag, separate constitution and Article 370. From these things what we got. He betrayed Maharaja Hari Singh. He betrayed India also. J&K is his making to weaken India. Separate flag, separate constitution and separate passport does not promote nationalism. It does not promote patriotism. Rather it promotes separatism. That was what Nehru wanted. India and Pakistan were divided on religious line. Nehru did not allow things to happen on that line. Hence, I am of the opinion that we shouldn’t do anything which will make us cry and repent for it. We shouldn’t do anything that will become a burden for our posterity. Therefore I am sincerely appeal to those who are in power not to indulge in such exercises to grant separate flag, separate constitution and separate passport just to satisfy one section of people. This will do no good. Rather it will promote separatism. Jai Hind.

  • Nehru & Sheikh Abdulla have spoiled Kashmir in particular and India in general . This was followed by Rajiv Gandhi and Farooq Abdullaha, who have fulfilled the dreams of Nehru, Shekh and POK.

  • This narrative and the background documents should be given wide publicity
    This is one more instance of the low behaviour of Nehru
    Not surprising considering the history of his family from his father’s generation down to 3 generations later

  • Sad reading the truth about JL Nehru. Knowing this the man who killed Mahatma Gandhi, Nathuram Godse, had stated in his defence that the selection of JL Nehru by Gandhi, overriding majority choice of Sardar Patel was one of the reasons for him to kill Gandhi. One of the senior judges trying the case had commented that if it had been a jurors trail, Nathuram’s defence would had got him dishonoured. Both JL Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi proved deficient for India’s progress at the start of the country’s freedom as an independent nation.
    Hirak Nag.