Gandhi’s Principle of Peace Was “Bogus”: Gopal Godse

Sixty-six  years ago, on Jan. 30, 1948, Mohandas Gandhi was shot dead by Nathuram Godse. Godse believed that the Mahatma, or great soul, was responsible for the 1947 partition of India and the creation of Pakistan. Godse and his friend Narayan Apte were hanged. His brother Gopal and two others were sentenced to life imprisonment for their part in the conspiracy. Gopal Godse remained in jail for 18 years and now, at 80, lives with his wife in a small apartment in Pune. He is still proud of his role in the murder. Although Godse is largely ignored in India and rarely talks to journalists, he agreed to speak with TIME Delhi correspondent Meenakshi Ganguly.

TIME: What happened in January 1948?

Godse: On Jan. 20, Madanlal Pahwa exploded a bomb at Gandhi’s prayer meeting in Delhi. It was 50 m away from Gandhi. [The other conspirators] all ran away from the place. Madanlal was caught there. Then there was a tension in our minds that we had to finish the task before the police caught us. Then Nathuram [Gopal’s brother] took it on himself to do the thing. We only wanted destiny to help us — meaning we should not be caught on the spot before he acted.

TIME: Why did you want to kill Gandhi?

Godse: Gandhi was a hypocrite. Even after the massacre of the Hindus by the Muslims, he was happy. The more the massacres of the Hindus, the taller his flag of secularism.

TIME: Did you ever see Gandhi?

Godse: Yes.

TIME: Did you attend his meetings?

Godse: Yes.

TIME: Can you explain how he created his mass following?

Godse: The credit goes to him for maneuvering the media. He captured the press. That was essential. How Gandhi walked, when he smiled, how he waved — all these minor details that the people did not require were imposed upon them to create an atmosphere around Gandhi. And the more ignorant the masses, the more popular was Gandhi. So they always tried to keep the masses ignorant.

TIME: But surely it takes more than good publicity to create a Gandhi?

Godse: There is another thing. Generally in the Indian masses, people are attracted toward saintism. Gandhi was shrewd to use his saintdom for politics. After his death the government used him. The government knew that he was an enemy of Hindus, but they wanted to show that he was a staunch Hindu. So the first act they did was to put “Hey Ram” into Gandhi’s dead mouth.

TIME: You mean that he did not say “Hey Ram” as he died?

Godse: No, he did not say it. You see, it was an automatic pistol. It had a magazine for nine bullets but there were actually seven at that time. And once you pull the trigger, within a second, all the seven bullets had passed. When these bullets pass through crucial points like the heart, consciousness is finished. You have no strength.

When Nathuram saw Gandhi was coming, he took out the pistol and folded his hands with the pistol inside it. There was one girl very close to Gandhi. He feared that he would hurt the girl. So he went forward and with his left hand pushed her aside and shot. It happened within one second. You see, there was a film and some Kingsley fellow had acted as Gandhi. Someone asked me whether Gandhi said, “Hey Ram.” I said Kingsley did say it. But Gandhi did not. Because that was not a drama.

TIME: Many people think Gandhi deserved to be nominated TIME’s Person of the Century. [He was one of two runners-up, after Albert Einstein.]

Godse: I name him the most cruel person for Hindus in India. The most cruel person! That is how I term him.

TIME: Is that why Gandhi had to die?

Godse: Yes. For months he was advising Hindus that they must never be angry with the Muslims. What sort of ahimsa (non-violence) is this? His principle of peace was bogus. In any free country, a person like him would be shot dead officially because he was encouraging the Muslims to kill Hindus.

TIME: But his philosophy was of turning the other cheek. He felt one person had to stop the cycle of violence…

Godse: The world does not work that way.

TIME: Is there anything that you admire about Gandhi?

Godse: Firstly, the mass awakening that Gandhi did. In our school days Gandhi was our idol. Secondly, he removed the fear of prison. He said it is different to go into prison for a theft and different to go in for satyagraha (civil disobedience). As youngsters, we had our enthusiasm, but we needed some channel. We took Gandhi to be our channel. We don’t repent for that.

TIME: Did you not admire his principles of non-violence?

Godse: Non-violence is not a principle at all. He did not follow it. In politics you cannot follow non-violence. You cannot follow honesty. Every moment, you have to give a lie. Every moment you have to take a bullet in hand and kill someone. Why was he proved to be a hypocrite? Because he was in politics with his so-called principles. Is his non-violence followed anywhere? Not in the least. Nowhere.

TIME: What was the most difficult thing about killing Gandhi?

Godse: The greatest hurdle before us was not that of giving up our lives or going to the gallows. It was that we would be condemned both by the government and by the public. Because the public had been kept in the dark about what harm Gandhi had done to the nation. How he had fooled them!

TIME: Did the people condemn you?

Godse: Yes. People in general did. Because they had been kept ignorant.

~ Excerpt taken from Time Magazine, Feb. 14, 2000



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  • I suggest you remove this post. I follow this magazine a lot and I don’t think this magazine is popular enough yet to handle such very very controversial interviews. This would affect the growth of this magazine. Good that you seem to be politically correct here, but would suggest not to publicize this interview with our (this) magazine.

    • Hey Yella… Truth should be told whether it is supported by facts or farce should be investigated.

    • Gandhi’s policy of non violence was only for one group of people, ie. the Hindus. If he was truly a saint , a Mahatma, father of the nation, he would have preached the same policy to Muslims as well. If he had done that – well then his “Non Violence” policy would not be a sham.

      • Gandhi was never understood then and never understood now, you have to raise about relegion to do that

        • So u understand gandhi, keep it to u bro. We know who gandhi was and what he did to hindus.

    • I suggest you to read vedas and geeta ‘dharmo dharmito rakshanti ‘-Meaning dont hesitate in carrying a weapon to save the dharma .They dont follow non violence blindly like gandhi told indian masses to follow. He let all our great leaders die and nominated a weak shallow prime minister ? which is nehru? He did not even shrudded over subhash chandra bose dissappearence or even vallabh bhai patel as indian pm? It was his self ego Muslim appeasement, being a saint and saviour to indian masses ? was he? really?

      And bdw godse wanted to mix up sindh and bangladesh in india. whereas gandhi upon his non violence principles is going to make pakistan even bigger by joining bangladesh(east pak) and pakistan . Now where we spend 10-12 % of our gdp in bullets and ammunation this could be upto 3-4% if pakistan be remained non existent.

      • Gandhi was a human not a God, he could not have seen future when he recomended Nehru. He made a choice to support Nehru that was his opinion, you cannot blame Gandhi for what Nehru did afterwards, what nehru did were his own actions blame him
        what do you know how Gandhi felt about Subhash Chandra bose dissappearence? did you peep in to Gandhi’s heart? if you cant find an article about gandhi’s feeling about Subhash Chandra Bose that does not mean Gandhi dint have feelings… you have to raise above relegion to understand him… he was far too advanced for his time and even times that we live in… if people could understand Gandhi we may never had to spend all that 10 to 12% of the GDP that you are talking about… we could have happy fed all that to our so called politicians

        • Bro go and research about gandhi and nehru first. Shubash Chandra Bose was first choice of people between nehru and Bose, but it was gandhi who did not let Bose the leader of congress

        • Mr.Arya,a self proclaimed arya,u better change your name. Who the fuck wanted to understand the cunning ass hole gandhi?? Millions of hindus get looted raped killed tortured brutally by Islamic bastards,all this was happened just because of the stupid immatured ideologies of gandhi and his chamchas..U ducking ass holes will never get reformed until unless u strive to digging truth..

        • Dude,
          Gandhi was an hypocrite, like Mr Godse said in his interview that he created an aura around himself to fool the mass public and apparently that exists today as well. 2 points that might change your mind
          1. Non violence means not harming anybody including yourself and a fast until death is exactly the opposite of it.
          2. He kept supporting muslims and asked hindus not to raise voice against them, then why did he not support his son when he wanted to marry a muslim?

        • Hello my friend ! My question to you is why did Subas Chandra Bose resign from the post of president from Congress after one year in 1938 ? Who insisted ? What might be the reason ? 2nd thing is if anybody attacks your home, your parents, siblings, what will you do ? Will you beat him or protest against him ? If Gandhiji is so secular, why did he recited Quran in Hindu temple, but not recited Bhagwat Gita in Masjid ? Answer these if you can !!

        • He knew what he was doing but his EGO had stopped him to take the right action n decisions. Most people do not know about Gandhi’s hypocrisy but many Gujaratis who joined the freedom struggle from Gujarat left him n his team when he openly supported Nehru though majority congressmen voted in favour of Sardar Patel.

    • Dont remove the post, infact post more articles like this everywhere, whether you know or not, these kinds of true articles are the ones which gain more popularity, lets the people know what actually happened & lets them know that Godse had good intentions in killing Gandhi.

    • Truth always hurts. You are not here to censor the truth and you can not shut us up, we know in our hearts what Gandhi did was wrong and he was responsible for the death of millions of our people. He mislead us and was a self appointed “mahatma”, we did not give him that title nor did we ask for the creation of a “secular” state. I love reading articles on this site and am new to reading the articles, I rather read the truth and a lies of the secular media that is a lies. If you do not like this site too bad.

    • Their responsibility is to support truth they should not hide things which they know… They r media not the common man

    • Why hide the facts? Do you want to hide the facts to mislead people even now? People around the world is fooled by hiding the facts which many Gujarati people know because they were very active in the freedom struggle. So many have even left Gandhi n his team when finding the facts of his hypocrisy by supporting Nehru when majority Congressmen voted for Sardar. He is the one who allowed Firoz n Indira to use his family name to hide the facts and mislead n fooled the nation! Man’s death shows how he has lived?

  • Why to remove this interview ? These are the fact. And being in democracy, I totally agree that his policy of nonviolence is truly bogus, tho the democracy was given by himself. For the matter of fact, his policy of nonviolence is followed nowhere today. Not even by a single person today’s world. And it truly shows that NOBODY has a respected his teachings or so called policy.

  • What NATHURAM GODSE did was absolutely correct. In history, there was always a time for every person/action, and the right time for killing of MK Gandhi was 30th Jan, 1948. If not, I only shudder to think what would be the level of riots or debutchery against Hindus at that time would have been. He might have done some good too but his wrongs certainly outnumber them, and then you have to finally face the moment of truth..

  • Nathuram Godse failed to kill Gandhi. He should have exposed Gandhi with pen and that would have killed Gandhi from the minds of people. Bullet did not kill him but glorified instead. So to kill some, you need to prove his principle wrong and that is long lasting. we think we are in a democratic society. No we are not. We have bunch of people who are hypocrats and political fanatics. They don’t want the truth to come out. Truth makes them uncomfortable.

    • PKN, i agree with ur point but at that point of time….. penning against Gandhi would have backfired on Godse and the whole concept of proving Gandhi, a pro-muslimist would have been a great failure. Public were kept ignorant about everything and killing Gandhi at that point of time was the only resort i believe.

    • Godse never had time to preach about Gandhi’s wrong doings even though he was running 2 newspapers. He had to act immediately. The each day he delayed would have again butchered thousands of innocent Hindus life at that moment and as usual Gandhi would pamper the Muslims. He wanted to be the ultimate leader of the 2 masses ever lived in India. He wanted the Credit of God for holding them.

    • If you see the work of Nathuram and his companion, you will find that he was trying his level best to expose gandhi through his newsletters. also he demonstrated in delhi against gandhi with refugees. but the blind fold was too strong to be removed so easily. taking up the arms was therefore the last resort. as Gopal Godse quotes his brothers lines “if we do not stop him (M.K.Gandhi) now, he will damage the country again and again”. also in his statements he repeatedly said that he was the only one involved in this whole act, but his brother was forcebly captured and put behind bars. Also in our history, this was the first time when two people were hanged for one murder, namely Nathuram Godse and Apte, the later was acomplice, not Gopal Godse. The whole court session was staged to boost gandhi’s heroism.

  • Agreed with PKN. How many Hindu, he has saved by killing one more person. If Godeses were intelligent enough to understand Gandhi’s strategy that he has used media to publicized himself, why didn’t they used same weapons to save country. Why didn’t they dare to do this to politicians, who were greater harm to the country with actual power. They just targeted security less ahimsa supporter person.

    • You have no idea how many lives he had saved and they all are in debt to him. may be he had saved our grandfather life too. who knows what the history would have turned out because one person was still alive out there for all wrong things he had done to the people. Security less was just tactics he used to show people that he is common man. and he might not be having idea that someone would try to kill him even after he pleased Hindu’s and Muslims.

  • I fully agree with Godse and what he did was correct.Otherwise,India would have been merged with Pakistan longback.

  • PKN I agree with you and its never too late, we can even start killing him,since Gandhi is still hero in many minds and his pictures on the currency. Why not kill him now by exposing. That time it was tough, today coz of internet its way easy to do the same. So start acting than preaching(no offence please)

  • its a shame on indian democracy by makeing indian people fools by not leting them whts truth is n makeing them belive by keeping a word called hey ram into a dead mans mouth a shame in the name of democracy to the so called legends of india am proud to know u people both godse though u r not alive i salute fa ya act n patriatism jai hind

  • The words of Godse “He captured the press. That was essential.” It is really true. Mass media is so effective, which brought change in Indian History this with a massive victory for Modi and an unbelievable 37 seats for Jayalalitha in Tamil Nadu. Godse words are golden words.

  • 2013 has shown the power of the media Delhi election was won by the APP

  • The words of Godse”Non-violence is not a principle at all.”……I agree…

  • True! Gandhi misguided hindus! Poor hindus who were already weak in ‘Sanghabala’ went more weak after hearing gandhis idiotic half truth non violence phylosophy. Non violence is stricktly practiced by Sannyasins and not by common man! In real meaning Non violence means “To kill the idea and desire To Kill”

  • Do we have any proof of Gandhi encouraging Muslims to kill Hindus? What would he be really gaining by doing this? Can someone clarify this?

    • I fully agree. If Godse felt that Muslims were killing Hindus, he should have gone to Pakistan and killed Jinnah. But instead he killed an old man without any political power and who was preaching peace.
      This shows that nathuram and friends were mere cowards and criminals and a blot to the entire Bharat and the Hindu Nation

      • If he had killed Jinnah without killing Gandhi ,he (gandhi) would have ensured more Hindus were killed by preaching his principle of non violence exclusively for Hindus.

    • Please read “Threat of Islam Indian Dimensions: A Critique of Events and Thought Processes 1857-1993” by B. N. Jog (Unnati Prakashan, 1 Purvanchal, Navghar Marg, Mulund East, Mumbai 400081, Published 1994) and yo will get all the answers.

  • What more stuff like this, the unknown , the conspiracy , and mysteries.

  • No human has a right to kill another human. Godse might have been wright but killing was not the answer.

  • @ PKN and MKG,
    I just want to remained one name, “.Nataji” at this juncture, who has not raised his gun against Gandhiji, but strongly inked against Gandhiji. please recall what was the result???.The whole world knows.
    At least we have a person Mr.Gopal Godse to revel the actual scenario then.

  • Your problem is not with Gandhi, but, with the Muslims. I’m sure there will be no one to say who first started killing whom. A Hindu killed a Muslim first? or a Muslim killed a Hindu?
    So cannot guilt a single person or a community here.
    What should Gandhi have done otherwise? To start killing Muslims or to instigate Hindus to do so?
    Do you think that would solve the problem? Another “Godse” from the Muslim community would come up with a Rifle to assassinate Gandhi. And only then, I guess, you’d take Gandhi’s side.
    Gandhi’s peace principles very much worked in Civil Right Movement in not only in America but around the world.

  • It’s kinda true. Form a SIT truth will come out. And there no doubt he was hypocrite. The first election of free India was won by Sardar Patel but Gandhi advised him not to take the post and give it to Nehru. Search for history of Motilal Nehru, find his real name, his ancestors, there is lot to reveal.

  • Truth about gandhi is out, he was anti hindu, anti india and a criminal of the highest order. kudos for Time to bring out the truth, do not go by what people think of him, he was a b*****d of the highest order.


  • One thing people who supporting Godse pls ans me…
    1). What wud Gandhi had gained if he supported Muslims.
    2). His only intention was to be together.was that wrong?
    3). because of non-violence only we are all still alive.If suppose he had followed the violence apporach we wud ve ended like some Japan whr ppl r still taking birth wiith diseases..
    4). India is the only country wr yu find ppl hate someone who s an actual Indian and been declared as gud leader by some other country..

    Wake up guys..Godse killed Gandhi bcoz of his own selfish needs and deeds..
    And now in India so many states are ruling by goondaas and u guys electing dem as ur leaders so cald MLA’s and u guys talking nd discussing bout 1948 incident which has so many untold truth. Just by seeing Godse’s interview response on tat incident u guys cant generalize your opinion on the incident.

    This is not to start a argument here. This is just a reminder to everyone wake up nd be broader in thinking!!!

    • Gandi was a self appointed Mahatma and mislead the entire nation, his ego was bigger then the reality. He sold us out and said the Gita was no different to the Koran. I have read both and there is a huge difference, the Gita is the word of God, the Koran is not. Stop being sentimental, Gandhi was a bigot who did nothing but mislead people. The Gita is a part of the Mahabharat, Krishna is God, He urged Arjuna to fight against Adharma, Gandhi asked us to accept it. I rather follow God not a man. Godse was right and he saved us from further harm, he is a true hero.

      • Right! Bhagvad Geeta teaches you to stand strong against atrocities and violence inflicted on you, because to accept it is also a sin.

  • It is s stupid idea to advocate peace and non-violence to animals like us. We have not evolved enough for peace. That is my conclusion from reading the comments.

    • Your opinion the reality is different. If someone was to break into your house and raped your mother, wife, sister or daughter, are you saying you will turn the other cheek and not defend your family?

  • Truth should not be altered. Gandhi was a human being and thus made mistakes. He believed in something that looked right from the place he was sitting. He was too big and too great to change his views. I think removing him was the need of an hour. Who knows he would have said “Well Done Nathu Ram” instead of Hey Ram” just before dying.

  • Something needs to be said about the supporters of the above argument. When they talk about honourable and righteous anger, they mean to do to others what has been done to us. Indiscriminately burn and kill innocents. It seems to me that these people are too deeply rooted in history and religion, to the point of fanaticism to a make a dispassionate decision to dispose of Gandhi for the greater good of a secular and equitable India. One must impossibly ignorant and chauvinistic to believe in an exclusive India for Hindus contrary to all scientific evidence towards human origin. India should be a loving and tolerant shelter for all that seek her protection.

    For the sake of benevolent nation building the vicious cycle of hatred had to be broken somewhere. Gandhi decided that people of his own faith would turn the other cheek and break it. Whether his outlook was right or not is up for debate, but to brand him as unpatriotic and sully his name is immature, for he was, without a doubt, a tireless and relentless worker for the freedom of India. However, we can all agree that India, at a very crucial moment, missed Bose dearly, the only leader to have truly brought people of all extraction and faith under a single flag.

  • to be remembered by the posterity as “MAHATMA”, you have to create chaos and settle it according to your requirement. Of course, to achieve it you will have to make yourself indispensable. For such person every other even sensible thing is immaterial.

  • Please publish some more articles, we need to know some more truth about gandhi and Nehru family. what godse did was very much correct, ahimsa cannot be a principle adopted by masses. you have to hit back if one crosses his limit.
    we would have got our freedom much earlier if ballabh bhai patel, subhaschandra bose, were allowed to implement their principles.

    We need more info about gandhi and nehru—pls do publish.

  • This is a great topic and this type of truth should be published to provide more factual information to the People of India. Being democratic country getting a truth fool information is a birth right for every Indian and no one should object that under any circumstances. I am very surprised to see how a person says that this type of Information should not published. Not publishing a true fact in a democratic country is a criminal offence and who ever tries to support that is also committing the crime.
    I do think that Gandhi was the most responsible persons for all the worst things that happened to India during Independence and also for the partitioning of India. As we all know that at that point of time thousands of Hindu’s were killed, there were riots every where, a new foreign country was formed. I do think Gandhi was primarily responsible for all these things, because with the popularity he had he could have made huge difference if he taken a different attitude.
    According to some of the facts it seems that attitude towards Netaji was a very self-fish like from Gandhi and Nehru in those days.
    One of biggest catalyst for british to leave India was the war with Netaji’s INA. Yes I agree that it alone could not have brought independence but that was definitely the biggest reason for british to leave India. Because of this Netaji gained maximum popularity at that time and he would have probably replaced Nehru as prime minister if he would have returned to India. Gandhi and Nehru did not want that to happen and that was the reason they took this type of worthless attitude towards him.

    If some one attacks you and tries to injure you or kill you then you have to hit back to save your self, other wise you might get killed. There is definitely a limit to what extent you can be non-violent you cannot be non-violent against a violent action which might kill you or your near ones. Non-violence can never be policy. Being violent or non-violent is a rule of nature (we can think of God as well), Gandhi has got no power to change the rule of nature by making a so called policy, so this so called policy of Non-violence is nothing but a complete rubbish.

  • Gandhi has done many times fast unto death and satyagraha but my question is when nation is being dividing he has not done anything and accepted everything silently but after when hindu and muslim are killing he was on fast unto death. why doesn’t he go to fast unto death when nation dividing if he really has love on nation. he has the power to stop the dividing the nation but he didn’t? why he has chosen nehru as pm when good administrator patel is there. behind this truly there is hidden agenda and lots of truths were unknown.

  • Godse would have been done long back.. if happend today india would have been reach in top 10 countries list.. Baxxxxd Gandhi…

  • To anyone who wishes to promote Godse , Please ask yourself one question. Why would The Mahatma do as the Godse alledges . Subhas Bose obliterated , Jinnah palacated , UP became the king maker leaving all the educated states , later in 1954 Karnataka and Maharashtra divided who gained , or whose dynasty gained ..audit the dynasty’s accounts and a few thousand Godse will become mad . Gandhi is a man who always did things with a motive . What was his motive in being anti-hindu, Do not just alledge , justify.

  • What a shameful act of explaining and giving excuses for Killing of one old man . This is silly thing to use Religion as a ones shield to defend the murder of a Person . This what this Hindu ( Brahaminic) Religion teaches to its followers or defenders through Gita that you can Kill a person for your Dharma and don’t regret for it . As Krishna says ” what is killing is a Killing of A Body and Not A Sole so Kill ” This stupid thing of using Hindu sentiment for killing a person and is nothing more different than Islamic militants using Religion as a excuse to kill a person . This makes many Hindu people sick . These kinds of excuses are prohibiting many Hindu ppl to unite in a one for their own Hindu Religion . Whoever is not buying the views of Gandhi should have to fight him by constitutional means and this is what Netaji did and for the people who thinks Gandhi did wrong to Netaji here is proof for them that Netaji never personally Hated Gandhi and Netaji was the 1st person to call Gandhi as a ” Father of Nation ” . Those people who are feeding on the sentiments of Partition of country should understand this that No one could have stopped Partition of country as people of two different Ideologies can not remain under one shade in undemocratic country which we were during British Raj . What has happened is a History now no one can change it but now we should respect our democratic values and live and behave according to constitutional values .
    Jay Hind .

  • Gandhi was a casteist and if he was still alive, then dalits would be still oppressed and denied from education. Too many dalits (HINDUS) had to become buddhists, muslims and christians, to gain some respect and better options for living. Ambedkar ji was the wise man, but Gandhi didn`t support him.

  • lovely informations & interesting topics on Ghandhi & Nathuram Godse, when i started reading
    I read and read till satisfied my self that whatever, All has said about there opinion were right at that moment or time.
    And the result what happened was also right for our country .

  • godse was great……… I will never forget him…….. I support Godse completely…..

  • Mr. A and Mr. B are a good friends involved in an activity that is for a betterment of mankind, afters sometime Mr. B realized that Mr A is using him and talking only good good shit to be in front page, Mr B lose his control over mind, took out a gun and shoot Mr. A………. result???? 18 Year imprisonment to his (Mr B)’s brother. moral of the story “Ahinsha”

  • pl google on Times of India “Meet Sergeant Major Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi”. Interesting read.

  • Gandhi frankly never gave freedom to India.Britishers left Bhagat because there wasn’t much left to loot and the Indians in British army were slowly becoming aware of their abilities about which British military officials were uncomfartable.

  • How many indians and hindus know that this MKgandhee was a british double agent and that was why british media and indian media under british countrol glorified him and made him god and only by making their double agent as God, they could brain-wash the indians and majority hindus using the dirty trick of nonviolence and made them morons and ennuchs & cowards and this also helped the brtish dacoits to loot our wealth of trillions and trillions of dollars without getting hurt or keeled too.

    Nonviolence ideology was unknown to hindus till the arrival of this double agent from South Africa and if Lord Ram and Lord Krishna had used nonviolence to get rid of all the demons and demonesses hindustan would have been full of demons and demonesses by now. Remeber crooked westerners praise their double agent MKgandhee and non-violence 24 hours a day for the past 150 years, but they use violence 24 hours a day for the past 2000 years including last 150 years too.

    Yes MKganhdee was a jehhadi muzzzlim at heart and his faking of being a hindu was to fool the majority hindus and indians. How many indian s know that MKgandhee had advised or shouted that all hindus and jews must commmit suicide to spread islaam worldwide and the moronic and ennuch millions and millions of hindus are brain-washed even now to think that he was a great freedom fighter,etce,etc though he was an expert drama-maker like our drama king kezriwaaal and a demagogue and anti-hindu in every sense of the world too.

    If Netaji Bose and his brave INA warriors had not planned mutiny at calcutta and bombay and madras ports a few months before brtishers left us, india would have remained a british colony even now.

    All indians need a de-programming dev ice to clean up their brains and to know that MKGandhee was not a national hero or freedom fighter but a wolf in sheep – clothing who colluded with the british masters to loot our wealth of trillions and trillions of dollars and to make us bumch of one billion morons and ennuchs and cowards and even now indians and hindus have not recovered from the effects of intense-brain-washing and fooling done by british colonizers and their double agents.

  • Like all alleged heroes of the Western left dominated mainstream media and other elitists, Ghandi was the exact opposite of his phony image: he was in fact an absurd fancy-dress wearing fraud, a narcissistic uber weirdo pervert and enabler of massive decades long evil. Ghandi was a dangerous psychopath and entirely responsible for the murder of millions of Hindus by standard Muslim Sharia screaming jihadist mobs. It’s no surprise that the real Ghandi was a typical middle-class lawyer -until his stroke of duplicitous genius in adopting his striking, emaciated and sun tanned baby in a sheet look. Perhaps no one would have noticed him, or remembered him in the West especially, if he had stayed in his three piece London suit and bowler hat.

    Sadly, Nehru, the Soviet basket-case empire of lies and mass-murder machine admiring socialist nitwit, was merely a typical collectivist and economic spastic and further ruined and stunted India for even more sad and wasted decades.

  • As long as Gandhi is considered “Father of the nation” India will always remain to be a mediocre – poor nation. It is a pity and a shame, that a nation where many many brilliant minds and souls have walked and toiled the soil for centuries have been forgotten and a bunch of ass kissers to the Brits got their way.

  • One thing every one is forgetting is the police action in hyderabad by sardar Patel which forced the nizam to surrender. Had gandhi been alive at that time we would have ended up with Pakis territory in the heart of India. But gods will was different.