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Deceitful Christian Conversion?

Deceitful Christian Conversion?

One of our page fan from Southern India sent me this photograph of the church (right) and asked me that if we are trying to create awareness about Sanskriti then what are we doing to protest against this “plagiarism” of Sanskriti in order to destroy it. First of all I was a bit shocked and surprised at the extent of Missionaries approach to handle conversion in India, but when I think and look back at the missionary track record and their history it doesn’t surprise me much. Apparently there is much more going on in South and North East India and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Now my question to all of you is:

Do you think it is okay to assimilate local beliefs in order to spread the word of “GOD” and to convert? And, do you think it is okay to accept this in order to co-exist?

Please share your thoughts on this very serious topic…


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  • How dare they depict this jew in the place of Sri Krishna.
    This is atrocity. And pathetic point is this hand ful converts are calling hindu gods as stones.
    the only way to stop this will be by passing a bill against convertism in the parliment.

  • I would just like to state that this is precisely how Roman Catholicism came about. They subtly adopted all the Pagan rituals and festivals of Europe and redirected the worship towards the Christian God and Jesus. They are doing the same thing in India and in due time I think they will be successful and the cross will be firmly planted in the land that gave the world the Vedas, Upanishads, Yoga, Ayurveda, Mathematics and so much more. Nevertheless, this kind of mindless assimilation of Hindu practices will no doubt be considered heresy by many puritanical protestant Christians. However, I could be wrong if this kind of deceitful conversion programs are being run by protestants.

  • Johny Brown is right about the history of the Roman catholic church.These type of Indian style Jesus statues are the work of the Catholic church.Protestants strictly adhere to their methods of holding conventions and providing help.

  • Friends, I can also stand in chariot pulled by 7 stallions. I neither become Lord Krishna nor The All Knowing Aadithya. Christianity and similar belief systems are cults and they can survive only with numbers. If Chaaruvaaka is acceptable to us Christianity and others also are! The Sanaathana Dharma is deep rooted and it’s the Rushi Parampara that we should be proud of.
    Shame on those who try to belittle Lord Krishna. If Jesus were alive today he wouldn’t dare pose as Lord Krishna as there was one foolish imitation Vaasudeva during the time of Lord Krishna also who met his end at the hands of Lord Himself!!! Glory to Rushis and Salutations to them first before I bow down to Lord Krishna. Converts are neither here nor there. What a pity. Conversion must end. Must end.

  • This is ridiculous, they turn to every mean trick to convert Hindus, this should be dropped, and law should be made against it