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Five magical spices of Ayurveda

India has been known for its spices from time immemorial. In fact, in the past, several explorers gave in to the lure of spice and did their best to invade...


Ayurveda and Cancer Treatment

Cancer, which is marked by an unusual growth of cells, necessitates a curative technique insisting on the destruction of cellular multiplication. Radiotherapy...


Hygiene practices in Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a well know system of medicinal practice which originated in India, and that is based on a treatment that aims on creating a balance between the...


Ayurveda and Human Metabolism

There are 7 Dhatus or Body Tissues that give shape and form to the body. These 7 are Rasa or Rasayana (Tissue Fluids), Rakta (Red Blood Cells), Mansa (Skeletal...


Bacteriology in ancient India

[hr] It is really surprising that while writing on the history of science, on any branch, western writers make great effort to dig out, even stray, indirect...


Ayurvedic remedies for amnesia

When a person loses their ability to memorize data or has an inability to recall information that is stored in memory, it is likely they suffer from amnesia...


Ayurvedic benefits of Cumin

Cumin or Jeera as it is popularly known in India has a history of over 5,000 years old of use. No one knows where the spice originated from but it was commonly...