Archive - January 2015


Mould for the Mind

The body with its organs is none other than the mind. The physical body is the outward manifestation of the mind. The mind is the subtle form of this physical...


Know Your INDIA

No matter how our self-styled secularists vilify ancient Indian or Hindu wisdom, there is an element of eternity and universality about that treasure trove. It...


Awakening the Prana Shakti

I have read many books from time to time written by eminent authors on this most transcendental and yet immediately useful topic. It is not necessary for me to...


What is Civilization?

Life has become entirely dependent and freedom is unknown. When the switch fails, there is no light in the house. When you want it badly, there is no water in...


Kiran Modi for Delhi!

~by BINOY THOMAS (Weekly Voice Newspaper, Canada) Delhiwalas, there and here (a rather huge number) are all eyes and ears for what’s shaping up to be a...