Archive - January 2014


Yoga Nidra Techniques

Yoga Nidra is one of the most powerful methods, not only for inducing deep relaxation in a minimum amount of time, but also for reawakening the degenerated...


Kalka Shimla Railway Line

The Kalka Shimla railway line is a great achievement of human ingenuity. It provides a completely unique view of the Shivalik hills and the towns it passes by...

Children's Corner

The Charmed Ring

A merchant started his son in life with three hundred rupees, and bade him go to another country and try his luck in trade. The son took the money and departed...

History India

The Heliodorus Column

An archaeological discovery proves that there were western followers of Vedic principles twenty-two centuries ago. Heliodorus was a Greek ambassador to India...


What is Sanatana Dharma?

The practitioners of the ancient faith whose origins can be traced to the Vedas believed that their religion was eternal, with its roots in heaven, and...


The Rain of Dharma

And those on whom the rain of the Dharma falls, the living beings – in other words ourselves – grow. But we each grow in accordance with our own individual...