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The selfless water man!

Selfless Sewa by serving free water


here are millions of unsung heroes in India and throughout the World and yet they go unnoticed and unrecognized mostly because we take them for granted. From my experience these pure souls don’t do these selfless acts because of any fame/religion/compulsion/greed/or want, but they do it because they feel they are HUMANS and in whichever way they can serve others, they DO!Here is another story of a Selfless HUMAN…

This elderly man offers free water to anyone who is thirsty on local trains of Mumbai. He has been doing it for many years without any compulsion or wanting anything in return, a pure act of SELFLESS SEWA.

He is 70 years old and at this age he still carries 5-6 two litter bottles (13kg/27lbs +) filled with cold water on his shoulder.

Kewal Haria, who spotted this guy and shared his story talked to him out of curiosity to see what was he doing and WHY. After asking a few questions it came to be that he does not want anything in return, did not share that for how long he has been doing it. All he said was : He does this every day, he is an educated English speaking man and he thinks and believe that he is just being HUMAN and serving others as much as he can and “yeh sab mein thoda kar raha hoon – yeh to uppar wale ki dua se ho raha hai” (I am not doing on my own, but I am just a medium of God’s will.)

So, next time when you ride a local train in Mumbai and hear “PANIWALA MUFAT KA PANI THANDA PANI LELO” then please THANKS this man for his service and for him being HUMAN!

We also want to thank Kewal Haria for noticing this man and sharing his story!!

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