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The history of India is one of the grand epics of world history – “a bundle of contradictions held together by strong but invisible threads”. Indian history can be characterized as a work in progress, a continuous process of reinvention that can eventually prove elusive for those seeking to grasp its essential character.


The Dark Side of Sufism

by Ram Ohri – Former IPS officer and writes regularly on security issues, demographics, and occasionally, on policy.

For centuries the Sufi creed...


In Search of Shiva

A few months prior to my visit to this village, I received a call from Iqbal asking me if he could come and see me. Later in the day, while we were sitting in...


Pension for Hindu Homicide

On the barren hillside between Thuvoor and Karuvayakandi in north Kerala, there is a well. Beside it, on the barren hilltop, on August 24, 1921 Muslim leader...

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