Vedic Science

The Value of pi upto 32 decimals from Rig Veda.

Men of older generation used to say that all knowledge is there in the Vedas. Anyone who hears such words will have the first reaction that it is an over confident statement. We should remember here that any sloka in the ancient Hindu manuscripts has more than one meaning.

A Sloka in the 10th book of Rig Veda appears to be written for praising Lord Indra.

The technical translation of that Sloka gives the value of Pi up to 28 digits accurately. It is not until the invention of the computers that the western mathematicians could get this value up to 16 digits accurately. Here is a test for those who think that a computer can do any calculation. Use the fastest computer available to you and write a program to calculate the value of Pi up to 28 digits accurately. You will know how difficult it is.

Vedic Numerical Code

In Sanskrit, the following Vedic Numerical code was used in many slokas

कादि नव
टादि नव
पादि पञ्चक
क्ष शुन्यम्

“Kaadi nava
Taadi nava
Paadi panchaka
Kshah sunyam”


Kaadi Nava Starting from ka, the sequence of 9 letters represent 1,2,..9
Similarly Taadi Nava , starting from ta
Paadi panchaka (1-5), starting from pa
Yadyashtaka (1-8) starting from ya
And ksha represents 0
In detail
ka(क)-1, kha(ख)-2, ga(ग)-3, gha(घ)-4,gna(ङ)-5, cha(च)-6, cha(छ)-7, ja(ज)-8,jha(झ)-9
ta(ट)-1, tha(ठ)-2, da(ड)-3, dha(ढ)-4,~na(ण)-5, Ta(त)-6, Tha(थ)-7, Da(द)-8,Dha(ध)-9
pa(प)-1, pha(फ)-2, ba(ब)-3, bha(भ)-4,ma(म)-5
ya(य)-1, ra(र)-2, la(ल)-3, va(व)-4, Sa(श)-5, sha(ष)-6, sa (स)-7, ha(ह)-8
kshah (क्ष)-0.
Based on this code there are many slokas in mathematics

e.g., Following is a sloka for Pi value:

गोपीभाग्य मधुव्रातः श्रुंगशोदधि संधिगः |
खलजीवितखाताव गलहाला रसंधरः ||

gopeebhaagya maDhuvraathaH shruMgashodhaDhi saMDhigaH
khalajeevithakhaathaava galahaalaa rasaMDharaH

ga-3, pa-1, bha-4, ya -1, ma-5, Dhu-9, ra-2, tha-6, shru-5, ga-3, sho-5, dha-8, Dhi -9, sa-7, Dha- 9, ga-3, kha-2, la-3, jee-8, vi-4, tha-6, kha-2, tha-6, va-4, ga-3, la-3, ha-8, la-3, ra-2, sa-7, Dha-9, ra-2


The above sloka has actually 3 meanings
1. In favor of Lord Shiva
2. In favor of Lord Krishna
3. The value of Pi up to 32 decimals.

There were many inventions in the field of science and technology in ancient India, we just have to sift through the sands of time to find them.


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  • Not just pi, there are many more fascinating things in our vedas and upanishads. Our Sutras, puranas, shastras and itihasas has so much in them. It is really hurting me when the youngsters of this generation take no interest in them and ape the west. As a matter of fact, there are only very few true brahamins left (going by the definition of a true brahamin)
    I’m really Happy that there are still those few people left to uphold and salvage the very little of what’s left.
    And I have to tell that the admins of this website are doing a fantastic job. to be honest, I’ve stopped reading newspapers or news channels and I’ve made this website as my primary source of news. Keep Going !

    • विनीत कुमार गुप्ता says:

      I am a teenager and I am only interested in vedic science our Ancient culture since childhood..and you will be glad to here that there are more people who are interested in this..! The vedic science is Beyond we can imagine..all we need to do is studying deeply and get the extreme knowledge out.. proud to be “sanatan dharmi”

  • Actually it is very easy for a computer to write the first million digits of Pi… An eighth grader can do it for a weekend assignment.

    • But that’s amazing to present it as a sloka with not just one but tgree meanings !
      And that’s not a child’s play.
      Pi was a very big invention, and is one of the most fundamental constants in mathematics.
      0,1,e, pi and i are the most fundamental quantities in mathematics.

    • Talking about computers? You have any idea of the Vedic period, and the kind of computers available in about 5000 to 7000 BCE? Don’t make such ridiculous comments.

  • This is amazing. I was always taught that our scriptures have many layers of meaning: Physical, Divine, Allegorical, Spiritual, Historical, Scientific, Mathematical, Astronomical, Astrological and many more. I was told by our Sanskrit teacher that, for example, in order to transmit vast knowledge in one shloka our super human (he did not use this word) ancestors (Rishis and Seers) formed the shloka in a way that a dozen chapters of various disciplines could be remembered by heart just in one shloka. I deeply appreciate Sanskriti for reviving our ancient heritage. It is needed.

  • Can’t we manually calculate the value of PI to more than even hundred decimals.If a computer programmer Seriously aims can’t he he make the computer to obtain the value of any fraction (not only PI) to any number of decimal. The moot Q is why we fail to make these realisations much before many had invented them?That too despite all the VEDAS are very much alive and those are being chanted every day at many places in India? So much knowledge being available (if it is really so)in our VEDAS and we chanting them daily and repeatedly and at various places simultaneously-and we fail to contribute even a small thing like a computer ,or at least a Computer language to the world-then -what is our worth?What is the use of our so called Boooks?If there is really worth and use and We are still not able to convince the world then we are very poor communicators.BUT as far as the Sloka which you have quoted the meaning and interpretation are genious.And the genious should be faster So we can lead the world atleast in future inventions.Rajendra Prasad

    • We already gave enough to this world and to the human beings. From Ayurveda to Yoga to Language (Script) and we don’t believe in taking credits for that. Its not a competition and we realized it too early and those who have the knowledge don’t want to get into this proving world, World knows it 🙂 Enjoy life…

    • sir the so-called computer understand only binary language of which zero was our contribution to the world, and research from where did the world first knew about numbers. I am not saying that indians are greatest , I am saying that we as civilization have done our share, but the worst thing is people like you who neither does any research nor knows our history well, but try to point saying that what did we achieve? Love ourselves and respect others .

    • We lost the traditional knowledge. But when something is invented we go back into vedas and reverse engineer to see whether we can find something mentioned there. A pathetic situation but it is the reality.

      • Follow Rajiv Malhotra to know how vested interests are operating in India.

    • People in ancient times were conscious of their activities and were mentally, physically, socially and emotionally sound to perform any work. So they did not require amy computer. Secondly, the computer we have invented is causing disadvantage more than advantage.
      Its time for being serious enough to decide our purposes and not just get carried away with the world.

      You might not understand the ‘purpose’, which needs sharpening the intellect as a pre requisite.

  • Rarjendraprasad (continuation); Just a Sloka representing the value ofPI to 32 or even more decimels-can’t b called a very big Scientific invention.Because to find out the value of PI one has to go fr a DIVISION and it is one’s patience (NOT INTELLIGENCE)to what th decimal he carries it out.But if a student has to face this question ,say “Spell the value of PI upto 32nd decimal?” then the division may take a long time in the exam.It is everybody’s experience that the byhearting of tables/formulae will help us to solve problems in a short span.Similarly in our child hood we used to design answers in lyrical style to some tough questions and memorise them.This Sloka is One such attempt probably to save the time of Student /Employees/Users.But it may also be a fact that the trade and money calculations were taking place upto many decimals, Unlike the two decimals ,now.But any way,the maker of the Poem needs b appreciated.

  • What is the literal meaning of the sloka? You mentioned that it is in favor of Shiva & Krishna.What exactly does that mean?

    Fully agree that vedas are just religious scriptures..they are the goldmine of knowledge to help understand the world around us. No wonder why Germans are learning Sanskrit in a big way now.

  • Fully agree that vedas are NOT just religious scriptures….(there was a typo in my earlier post)

  • This cannot be vedic because Krishna came after the vedas. Krishna is not mentioned in the vedas at all.

    This verse first appeared in the vedic mathematics book written by Tirthaji in 1965. So, it’s a 20th century verse.

    The ancient Indian calculation of pi was for 4 decimals by Madhavacharya.

    The other reason why this is not old is because in ancient Indian literature, numbers are written in the reverse order – unit place first, tenth next, then hundredth place etc. Arabians reverted it later since their script was from right to left and Europeans adopted the same number system without reverting it again.

  • Agree with mr. Rajendra prasad!!..gudthat we know this back then..if true!!

  • It is my conviction that yoga combined with the wealth of knowledge in our scriptures must be percolated down to the last Indian village. A large group to research this wealth must be the tip of the arrow in debating and putting in place the white man who claims such inventions and scientific theories for himself when it has already been discovered and written by our sages thousands of years back. This will also enhance the self esteem of our citizens especially our youth, who equate our Dharma with superficial religions and feel inferior as they are assaulted with claims of superiority by others whereas his own knowledge to counter that is poor. This will also bring youth deeper into the Dharma as well as attract people of other faiths parched of such spirituality in their own faith. After all who would like to leave or speak ill of a Dharma so ancient and so rich in knowledge.

  • Veda is the store house of all the knowledge. But we have to search for finding of that knowledge

  • Why can’t we patent all these….I am surprised that even tho we can rule the world with our knowledge we were ruled by knowledgelessness. Now all are praising Western culture.

  • Interesting! How do you locate the decimal point position?

  • I am with the people saying there is treasure of scientific knowledge in Vedas (actually veda means knowledge), but I don’t accept with this article entirely. The verse is not quoted. Also,cThe verse Gopibhagya… is not from Rig or Yagur or from kalpa sutras.

    But this shlok provides pi value till 32 digits in Katapayadi method as described above ( as I remember there is a small correction in two digits in between) and this shlok has two more interpretations. Very intelligently authored.

    In the comments section Rajendra Prasad says ‘can’t we calculate by dividing’ . Dividing which digit with which digit? Not possible as Pi is irrational.
    To do it manually, you need an infinite series which was provided by Madhavacharya of Kerala of 14th century. These are origins of Calculus 200 years before Newton.

  • Can we know how many times vedas were amended before the final written version actually came out. Because as far as it’s known vedas were called as Shruti as the shisyas gained the knowledge of vedas from their gurus just by listening and memorising. And there can be a possibility that individual research of the gurus have also become a part of the vedas that they passed on. Just a thought from me. Please correct me if I am wrong anywhere.