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Follow the Mahajanas

Lecture by Srila Prabhupada, Bombay 30.09.1973 Philosophy without religious conception is mental speculation People are searching after Isvara, “Can you...


The Human Machine

-By Śrīla Prabhupāda We are given this machine of the body, but what is the use of simply studying the machine? The śāstra [scripture] says that since the...


Human Body is Temple of Gods

Our body is itself a temple of Gods. The soul is of the form of Iswara. One should not go to temple in impure condition. One should not take impure articles...


The Universe Is One

 By B.N.V.Parthasarathi Man can never invent anything but can only discover. The so called inventions are either discoveries or innovations, i.e., either...


Truthfulness explained

Truthfulness means mind and speech being well integrated. The wise say that speech being at variance with the mind is untruthfulness. Vangmanasyoh aikarupyam...


How To Manage Expectations

People’s expectations bogging you down? Try looking at them differently! If people’s expectations of you have been bothering you, perhaps it’s time to...