Water as the Symbolism for the Mind

Water can be used as a symbol for the mind, which can flow uncontrolled and destructive, or be directed and beneficial. The kamandalu, which is a container, implies the control of water and thus the control of the mind. Therefore, it is advised to watch the mind, looking at the thoughts and images that appear, then reflecting on both the results of the exercises and the day’s events. Reasoning must be used to follow one thought to completion and to take action on whatever one has become aware of. There is no room for indulgence in emotions. This requires maturity.

What is the meaning of Water? What part does it play in my life?
  • Water cleans and washes.
  • Water quenches thirst and fire.
  • Water is used for cooking—for diluting.
  • Water has various tastes according to its source and flow.
  • Water can give pleasure and joy, and excitement (boating).
  • Water is refreshing on a hot day, offers a cool swim.
  • Water is important to life—to growth and survival.
  • Water carries—debris, boats and ships.
  • Water can take many shapes and forms, filling spaces.
  • Water is soft and gentle in small quantities.
  • Water’s large waves can destroy valleys and towns.
  • Water unchecked is dangerous.
  • Water’s flow can be directed.
  • Water is unpredictable.
  • Water responds to the slightest breath.
  • Water wears down the hardest stone by steady drops.
  • Water can emerge from below.
  • Water can come from above as rain, hail or snow.
  • Water reflects the sky.
  • Water receives, unresisting, my projections.
What other reflections on water would you have? What thought associations come to your mind, now that you have watched your mind and seen its play, its creativity.
  • Is your mind like the water?
  • Does a slight stimulation create ripples of endless thoughts?
  • Are the waters of your mind murky?
  • Is a lot of debris floating around?
  • Can you direct your mind, or is it like unchecked waters, just gushing forth?
The steady dropping of water wears down the hardest rock.
Can you apply this to yourself in regard to spiritual practice?
Would you want to?

Still water reflects the sky.
Can you keep your mind still to reflect Divine thoughts?

The mind is useful in many respects, but not in all. Sometimes it assumes a rulership without proper authority. Who gives this authority? As water can emerge from below, so many suppressed thoughts emerge from below within yourself. Let all that debris come to the surface so that you know what is there. Remove what you don’t want. Keep and deal with what you want.

Can you stay above water?

By now it must have become obvious to the aspirant that there will be no “definite” directions, only pointers to stimulate thinking into new avenues. All depends on YOU. Remember to keep a daily diary. It will become your treasure chest.

~ by Swami Sivananda Radha, from the Book “Kundalini Yoga”