Experiencing Spiritual Enlightenment

Are not national boundaries, economic disparity and religious dogma dividing us into different camps, creating nonspiritual environments? National boundaries and so forth are impairing the growth of our evolving human consciousness. But it is the clarification of the individual’s mind and spirit that must precede the awakening of our social institutions such as places of worship and governments. It is the spiritual and mental elite who can infuse others with their illumining light. As we know, the policies of institutions and nations are usually embodiment of the general consciousness.

These policies can be influenced considerably by enlightened individuals. How may we strengthen our faith in God? Please try to feel from now on that there is somebody around you who does not want anything from you except joy. There is somebody who wants you always to swim in the sea of joy and delight. If you can remain in joy – i don’t mean the outer joy of going here and there, mixing with people, buying material things – but if you can have real joy and inner fulfilment, and then you will automatically have faith in God.

When we are worried, or are afraid of something, we immediately try to create a kind of self-imposed faith in God. This is not true faith. When we are in danger, we say, “God, save me”. This is an escape. This kind of faith does not last. Everything is inside a person, both joy and fulfilments. But who is the possessor of this inner fulfilment? It is God We are just his devoted instruments. When we feel spontaneous inner joy as part and parcel of our life, and we feel its source, we can then have faith in God, the possessor of infinite joy.

Try to feel your own inner joy, and faith will come to you spontaneously. In regard to your outer frustrations, do not try to unite them with your inner joy. Separate your inner joy from the outer happenings. Only then will you be able to strengthen your faith in God.

Are spiritual experiences absolutely necessary to realise God? No. There can be many roads leading to the same goal. One road may have many beautiful flowers on either side; another road may have only a few blossoms; a third road may have none at all.

If three seekers each follow a different road according to their soul’s needs and preferences, each of them will reach the ultimate goal. Of course, experiences do give you additional confidence. They encourage you and energise you to march farther. They also give enormous delight. And while you are having the experiences you may feel the presence of an invisible guide within your being pushing you towards the light of truth so that you may be blessed with full realisation.

But you can also have full and complete realisation without so-called “experiences”. Your expanding consciousness, as you grow into God, is itself a solid “experience”. Does the law of karma apply to everybody? The law of karma applies to everyone, but one can transcend it through meditation. The law of karma exists and yet can be transcended by realisation, oneness with God and the power of spirituality. The attitude of service, the attitude of devotion and the quest for knowledge, taken all together, will help us make balanced progress. But at some point in our life we will have to find the one that inspires us most and give it most importance.

~ Sri Chinmoy