Woman Islamic State (ISIS) recruiter nabbed in Hyderabad

isis recruiter in hyderabad

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has deported a woman, who worked as a recruiter for the Islamic State (ISIS), to India. The woman named Nicky Joseph was taken into custody soon after she landed at the Hyderabad airport late Thursday night.

According to reports, Joseph worked as an online recruiter for IS. She posed as a British national to lure people to join the jihadi organisation.

Reports say that she is linked to Salman Moinuddin, a Hyderabad resident who was nabbed earlier this year moments before he was to fly to Syria via Dubai to join IS.

During interrogation, Salman, who holds a masters degree in engineering from Houston, US, had told the police was to meet a lady named Nicky alias Ayesha in Dubai from there the two were planning to leave for Syria via Turkey.

While the government has denied any imminent threat from Islamic State, it has been reported that government agencies are working on a strategy to tackle the issue of young men getting attracted towards IS. Sources said de-radicalisaiton of youth swayed by the idea of jihad is the way forward for combating the IS threat in India.

Ministry of Home Affairs after deliberations with state government and agencies like Intelligence Bureau (IB) and Research and Analysis wing has formulated this strategy of not going for knee-jerk arrests in cases of Indian youth getting attracted by ISIS. 

States like Maharashtra and Telangana have already set the model for dealing with IS related cases. While there have been some arrests in cases where the suspects seemed to have crossed the threshold, arrest seems to be the last option.

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  • The worst part is they are here as sleeper cells with Hindu names.. Her husbands name is Devendrakumar alias Mustaffa.. Tomorrow if he plants a bomb somewhere ..he will be project like a Hindu who planted a bomb.. Government has to take a stringent action