Terror plot to target cops, BJP-RSS leaders foiled

Terror plot to target cops, BJP-RSS leaders foiled

Security agencies claimed to have foiled a terror plot to target policemen, and BJP and RSS leaders, with the arrest of four people hailing from Madhya Pradesh.

The four, identified as Imran Khan, Waseem, Rizwan and Anwar Qureshi, were allegedly in touch with Yousuf-Al Hindi who had been radicalising these youths for carrying out the attacks, official sources said.

According to the web chat and other cyber evidence, gathered over a period of time by central security agencies and Anti-Terrorist Squad of Madhya Pradesh Police, the four were being persuaded by Yousuf for carrying out the terror strike, the sources claimed.

The sources said when the youths started chatting with Yosuf, whose identity was suspected to be either Sultan Armar or Shafi Armar, he was based out of Afghanistan but his recent base was alleged to be in Syria.

Yousuf Al-Hindi was the face of ISIS terror group for India region. However, very recently he was killed and it is believed that his brother is allegedly running his email accounts, the sources said.

On instructions of the Yousuf, the four youths hailing from Ratlam area of Madhya Pradesh, had procured two pistols and were being guided for fabricating Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) from locally available explosives.  

Imran Khan, who is alleged to be the mastermind of the group, had travelled to Dubai five times during 2003-08 and once to Saudi Arabia last year.