Politics of Religious Conversion: Houses spared, Valmikis go back to original faith

Valmikis go back to original faith

More than 800 Valmikis, who had “converted” to Islam on Tuesday to save their houses from demolition, returned to their original faith on Wednesday after the district magistrate assured them in writing that their houses will not be razed.

Valmiki Basti Bachcho Sangharsh Samiti leader Kumar Aiklavya said: “After the administration assured us that our houses will not be demolished and our other demands will be taken up on a priority basis, we have returned to our original faith.”

In a press note released on Wednesday, district magistrate Chandra Prakash Tripathi made it clear that the administration will neither demolish their houses nor shift them to any other place unless an amicable decision has been taken with the consent of the Sangharsh Samiti members.

Meanwhile, hundreds of Dalit leaders from across the state visited the locality on Wednesday and addressed the residents.

BJP’s Nepal Singh, who is Lok Sabha member from Rampur, also visited the Valmiki Basti on Wednesday and assured the residents no harm will come to them. “I have spoken with the DM and he has assured me that their houses won’t be touched. Besides, I have also requested him to withdraw the cases which have been lodged against them for their protests,” Singh said.


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  • I cannot understand how converting to Islam from their original faith can save their houses.Who is dominating
    this country?This matter must be investigated and appropriate action taken to deter this kind of threat in the future.The country is Hindu country and how the Muslim’s have a sway on the government decision?I am for those effected in this case but still the ploy to resolve the government’s decision by threatening conversion to Islam doesn’t make sense to me. Kindly give me a reply.

    • mr Segaran UP Govt is for Muslims, to get votes, Muslims can be illegally occupying a property they will not be Vacated for Votes. Thus any other community illegally occupying will be evicted by authorites with out any protection. In this case the Valmiki community was told that if they convert to ISLAM they will be spared as one of the KEY SP Minister Azam Khan will protect them , in return for the conversion.