Muslim Rampage in India: Muslim attacks on Hindus in Burdwan District

Muslim Rampage in India: Muslim attacks on Hindus in Burdwan District

My colleague and Hindu human rights activist Satya sent me this story and the photos:  “W Bengal is a state in India with nearly 30% Muslims and here is genocide in action.”

I have seen these atrocities of fanatic Muslims in several districts of West Bengal. We have been closely working with people to help the victims of this carnage. Recently 3 Hindu women were raped by TMC politicians and were dumped on the street side. Please notice this picture where 3 Hindu women were raped, killed and dumped roadside by fanatic Muslim TMC politicians.

“We are sitting on the top a Volcano”

— Justice Bhagawati Prasad Banerjee, retired Judge of Kolkata High Court.

My Hindu friend Narayanas writes to me:

Below is more carnage in West Bengal including pictures of police helplessness while poor (Hindu) homes and shops are gutted.

“This continuous war like situation with people live under dreadful fear will continue until Islamist gain upper hand and do the final ethnic cleansing in the next few years. People close to the ground are saying village by village are slowly being ethnically cleansed.

The media bastards are completely ignoring the dangerous situation. Does suffering has a religion? They report incidents in Haryana for riots caused due to planning to build a Mosque next to Hindu temple but the situation affecting 400 blocks spanning multiple districts for last two decades that will very soon lead to partition of India gets zero attention. (All details are in email trail below along with links to pictures/videos. There is also a kidnapper note to a hapless mother saying he took a bet with his friends and kidnapped her minor daughter and challenged her to find him, given below).

Where is India going to be as Muslims percentage increases? Does not the country need a debate on addressing the root of the issue, what Western nations are openly saying, ‘poisonous Islamic ideology’? Why are we allowing Saudi fascists to invest in Mosques and spread Wahabbism? An Islamic country like Egypt is closing down the Mosques, Austria banned middle eastern funding and spread of hatred into Mosques, UK is bringing in laws, US monitors most of the Mosques, Russia and many other countries are evolving firm policies but India sitting on a volcano has no debate or discussion. Whose country is this?

The news reports not covered by the American enemedia:

Massive Attack On Hindus In Burdwan District

Yesterday (4th June) evening Muslims attacked Hindus at Samudragarh rail station market under Nadanghat Police Station in Burdwan district.

Houses of 10 poor Hindus have been gutted. 30 plus Hindu shops fully looted by the Muslims of nearby Dangapara.

The rampaging mob looted many Motorbikes and cycles from the garage at Samudragarh railway station.

Muslims damaged the railway properties in a large scale. They broke all lights, mikes and glasses at the Samudragarh rail station.

Many cars & vehicles including 2 Police vehicles severely damaged by the mob.

Both rail and bus routes are blocked. Passengers facing extreme difficulties.

Few thousand Muslims captured all the 4 platforms of railway station. When Hindus trying to proceed to the market, Muslim mob throwing stones from rail line.

Few policemen standing as mute spectators.

MLA of this area is influential state minister Sri Swapan Debnath. Local TMC workers are frantically calling their MLA, but his phone is now switched off.

The incident started today noon when some Muslim drank wine is local wine shop owned by a Hindu and they refused to pay the price. Then there was a scuffle. The Muslim consumers left that time. In evening they came in thousands and attacked the Hindu houses and shops.

At night 12.00 pm, RAF deployed and situation brought under control and rail traffic resumed. No arrest still now.

No protest from any pol party or any organisation.

~ Tapan Ghosh via Pamela Geller