Minority appeasement is not just an Indian issue

Minority appeasement is not just an Indian issue

On Thursday there was a riot in Toronto.

About 200 Palestinian extremists, waving Palestinian flags, shouting about Jews and Israel, beat up a handful of Canadians so badly that an ambulance had to be called to take away an injured man.

The Palestinians literally used their flag poles to bludgeon people on the street, all the while shouting racist epithets and “down with Israel.”

Police were out in force – at least 20 police cars, and the SWAT team. But they did not lay a single criminal charge, even though police were assaulted as well.

You won’t find the video anywhere on the CBC, so don’t bother looking there. You can find it online or on the Sun News Network.

You will see one man, in a puddle of his own blood, with the words “Never Again” on his sleeves. That’s the motto Jews and righteous gentiles swore after the Holocaust.

But if you squinted your eyes a bit, Toronto’s riot would look a lot like the streets of Germany in the mid-1930s. Before the Second World War started, Nazis did much of their “work” through paramilitaries, including one called the S.A. (the precursor to the S.S.).

It was a combination of political activists, street gangs, hooligans and thrill-seekers. They were the brownshirts who did Hitler’s dirty work.

That’s what this riot looked like. Even the Palestinian flags, when used to beat people, looked a bit like the Nazi swastika. Both have bold red, white and black colours. That, plus the anti-Semitic shouting. And the police standing by.

But the mainstream media – and our police – have a soft spot for Muslim anti-Semitism. It would simply be too politically incorrect to arrest Muslims. If the anti-Semitic swears were made by white, neo-Nazi skinheads, they would have entered the fray on horseback, billy clubs swinging, and filled the paddy wagons.

But Muslims fascists? Hear no evil, see no evil, broadcast no evil. And prosecute no evil.

The riot took place outside “Palestine House,” the office of an anti-Israel organization that, until very recently, received huge sums of government money for immigrant absorption. Imagine what those immigrants were taught about pluralism. Imagine what they were taught about the Jews.

Palestine House is also where an Arabic-language newspaper in Canada is headquartered, called Meshwar. Its editor is a board member of Palestine House. Meshwar is a pro-Hamas newspaper, calling for violence against Jews, and the Jewish state. Their latest edition contains Hamas propaganda, helpfully illustrated with a drawing of a machine gun as a bridge for Palestinians to walk over. As in, violence is the way to get what they want in the world.

Of course the police didn’t arrest them. They probably look to Palestine House to recruit “diversity officers.”

Here’s how Peel Const. George Tudos described the riot. It was merely “two different parties with opposing views based on world-wide events going on right now.”

That’s what he called 200 rioters, beating Jews with flagpoles.

And what was the police role? “We’re just here to keep the peace basically.”

So, not to enforce the law? Or lay charges? But even in their self-defined, risk-averse, politically correct, limited role of keeping the peace – well, that part didn’t work out, did it?

Do you think we will see more or less of this in the future?

And do you think the media’s blind eye, and the police impotence will make it better or worse?

~ Ezra Levant, Sun News Network