Islamic Honor Killing: Brothers behead sister in public for “affair,” as per islam, parade her head through the streets

muslim honor killing in india

~By Pamela Geller

According to the Islamic code of honor, the honor of this Muslim family is now intact.

Two brothers beheaded their 17-year-old sister in the street in the presence of a crowd and took away her head, leaving her body on the spot.

The brothers have not been arrested, but the young girl’s lover has.

Her brothers paraded her head down the streets of the village shouting, “We cannot allow our daughters or sisters to have an affair. What we did is to give a lesson to the people to be alert about any such happening in their families. No girl should dare to repeat such an act in the area.”

Over 90% of honor killings worldwide are Islamic, but we are not allowed to discuss such things lest we be made to wear the scarlet letter “I” (Islamophobe). Honor killings receive lenient sentences (and sometimes none at all) in many Islamic countries. This one took place in India, where non-Muslim authorities fear enraging the Muslim community by challenging such practices.

“Brothers behead sister in public for alleged affair: Indian police,” (thanks to Lookmann)

LUCKNOW // Two brothers in northern India beheaded their teenage sister and carried her head through their village because they disapproved of her romantic relationship with a cousin, police said on Wednesday.

At least a dozen people watched as 17-year-old Phool Jehan was dragged out of her house, beaten and beheaded by her brothers late on Monday, officer Rajesh Singh said.

The witnesses failed to report the incident but the crime was later reported by a security guard.

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Police have been unable to find the two brothers. Their ages were not clear, but they were both older than their sister.

After beheading Jehan, Nanhe and Gul Hasan left their sister’s body in the street and roamed around the village with her head, shouting that they were against the relationship, Mr Singh said.

While the brothers are on the run, police have detained Jehan’s cousin to question him, said B Kumar, another police officer.

Honour killings are common across India, but brutal public slayings are extremely rare.

India Times reports: Honour Killing: Brothers behead sister in Shahjahanpur

They were angry with her because she had an affair with Mohammad Achchan, who was her cousin.

Shockingly, although the police have failed to nab Gul Hassan and Nanhe Mian, the two brothers, they have arrested her cousin Muhammad Achchan without any legal reason.

The eyewitnesses said while walking in the streets with the head of his sister in his hand, Nanhe was shouting, “We cannot allow our daughters or sisters to do an affair. Whatever we did is to give a lesson to the people to be alert about any such happening in their families. No girl should dare to repeat such an act in the area. We have no regrets for whatever we did.”

They were continuously roaming in the village for about one hour and announcing that they would soon reach the police station on their own. However, they escaped from the village.

Phool Jehan was only sister among eight brothers. Six of her brothers live and work in Delhi. Her parents had gone somewhere when this incident took place.

Bablu Kumar, Superintendent of Police said, “We will soon arrest the killers. Force has been deployed in the village.” Watch video here


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