Communal kidney: Hindu woman abused after donating kidney to Muslim man

Communal kidney: Hindu woman abused after donating kidney to Muslim man

A noble act, for which even the divines would transcend to earth to acknowledge, has earned showers of abuses for Lekha Namboothiri, from none other than the Muslim she helped come back to life. 

When 31 year old Lekha donated one of her kidneys to 35 year old Shafi, free of cost, overlooking other colossal offers of lakhs that came by, surpassing barriers of religion, little did she realize that one day even organs would have the tag of religion attached! 

Lekha, a native of Mavelikkara spurned offers mounting upto 15 lakhs, overlooked her own poverty stricken background and went head in donating one of her kidneys to Shafi Navaz, a Muslim hailing from Pattambi.  Shafi was on deathbed and claimed to be from a poor family himself. 

He now heaps showers of abuses on his benefactor, for the sole reason that his kidney came from a Hindu! Lekha’s case is that of having interacted with the most thankless person, who instead of being grateful for having saved his life without accepting the silver, now cribs and insults her because the world has come to know of her noble deed. 

Lekha lives in a rented house and has been battling waning financial conditions. Her husband Sajan is a patient himself, with his treatment having drained Lekha financially. The couple has two sons, studying in class 8 and 10.It is in spite of these circumstances that she decided to go ahead with the organ donation, free of cost. There were many who offered her upto Rs 15 lakhs, which she rejected. 

The transplant took place in 2012. However it was not covered by media then. The matter surfaced to light recently and Lekha was showered with praises. But this incurred the wrath of Shafi and his family, who were suddenly seized by a bout of communal sentiment. 

According to Lekha, Shafi is said to have spoken to her in a denigrating manner, after he claimed to have been taunted by his relatives, friends and others in his community for having accepted a kidney from a Namboothiri woman.

Lekha’s children attend RSS shakha and she says that it is to inculculate patriotic feelings to Kids, But Jihadi media couldn’t digest it and is now running stories to prove that Lekha’s family have no relation with RSS!  

Lekha’s case has now been taken up by Human Rights Protection Council. An account has been opened in her name in SBT, in the Harippad branch (A/c 67286750448; IFC code 0000440). HK appeal to readers to come forward and help this lady who is the epitome of selfless service and lives with the motto “Manava Seva is Madhava Seva”

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  • Manavta ki seva karna achha hai. per kisne kaha mulle bhi manav hote hain. Mulle sirf musalman hote hain. Keep this is mind while helping to any muslim. The Guy who deserve a death you are giving a him a new life. Now face the heat.

    It is like King Prithiviraaj chauhan excuses Md Gori 17 times. It is not Manavta .. It is stupidity.

  • Its a real shame the way the muslim chap behaved. But their mentality is such. On the other hand kudos to Lekha for having donated a kidney. If the muslim chap thinks thata Hindu kidney is unacceptable ask him to cut his stomach and remove the kidneys. Its a easy job for a guy who come froma community that believes in gore.

  • Fool she is for donating her organ to someone not related to her, irrespective of the fact that he is muslim or hindu..

  • Most of the Muslims are narrow minded, strictly speaking they are communal. That’s why when persuaded by terrorist they join terrorism on name of Allah. Even highly educated Muslims too ate communal. Highly educated means wealthy Muslim fund and motivate communalism. A report submitted to govt of India has shown that rate of growth of Muslim is higher than Hindu. Already lots of Muslim all over the world, so there is no need to save Muslim, on name of humanity, by donating your organ, by giving money to poor Muslim, by calling Ambulance for a Muslim met an accident or by any means. Let them die in peace. Most of you were aware of Khilafat movement. If Mecca will call for rebel all the Muslims will immediately become rebellions against govt of India, as they became in British Raj. The Khilafat movement was neither against atrocities by British nor for independent nation. As you were aware for the reason for Khilafat movement is to protect the Ottoman Empire during the aftermath of world war 1. Look back at the history Muslims are invaders, Mongols are Muslims too etc. Of course they are countable number of good Muslim too residing in India, but they are just countable.

  • She is to blame for giving her Kidney to a Muslim instead of a needy Hindu. Hindus need to Boycott Muslims in all spheres of Life.

  • Hats off to this women who donated the kidney,,,,

    ITS not that entire Muslim community is wrong,… but the person who took the kidney and is now acting funny based on some of his friends advise, and giving it a Religious tag,,,I FEEL, WE NEED TO TAKE BACK THE KIDNEY AND HANG HIM ALONG WITH ALL HIS FRIENDS WHO ARE BEHIND HIM FEEDING HIM WITH UNHEALTHY VIRUS …..



  • They say “apathra danam” (meaning, donation to undeserving) is unwarranted. This lady did just that and is earning abuses for it now. I have no sympathy for such people who forget realities and want to show everyone that they are angels on earth. Well, this may sound insensitive but.. if you want to be an angel. live with what you are getting now.

  • after this incident i feel like asking y shudnt such ppl be left too die ,y shudnt such ppl be criticised …. and ya post rss ki true motive ko bhi dikhata hain rss teaches ppl to respect and help fellow nation men nd not kill in d name of relegion . Respect to Lekha .

  • I still don’t get it? It is stupid to donate Kidney randomly like that… does it not affect her own health? is it not going to pt herself and her family under pressure?… where was the need to do this?

    Charity is good if you can afford it… paupers should save their own arses first…

  • manav sega is MADHAV seva bt islmists are not humans they are filthy crap who only want to attain total islm through violence and they are totaly thankless for good deeds anyone do to them from first instance onwards when raja of sindh helped qasim to current day love jihad they are always goin to betray us so try to clean them ASAP

  • This is an old story as this respected lady donated her kidney to this hateful muslim bastard nearly 5 years ago. After reading this article, the thought that immediately occurred to me was that I hope and pray that the transplanted kidney did not work and he suffered in pain and eventually died a horrible death. Also his nasty, ungrateful relatives have suffered and are still suffering in every possible way, even today. God Bless Lekha Namboothriji and keep herself and her family in good health and happiness.