Christian school punished an 11-year-old girl for wearing “Tilak” on her birthday in India

SECUNDERABAD:  An 11-year-old girl in Telangana was made to stand for two hours outside her school principal’s room as punishment for wearing a “tilak” on her birthday.

The child, a student of St Ann School in Tarnaka area of Secunderabad was so badly affected by the incident that she refused to go to school, her parents have complained to the state human rights commission.

The girl was allegedly ordered to stand outside principal Sally Joseph’s room on Tuesday and her mother was summoned. The principal berated the child for wearing a “tilak and hairpins” to school. Ms Joseph allegedly refused to listen to the mother’s explanation that the child had gone to a temple for her birthday and that is why a holy mark was smeared on her forehead.”The headmistress did not listen to my wife and daughter and tried to issue a transfer certificate to my daughter,” the father said in his letter to the rights body. He alleged that the principal said, “She must remember this on every birthday.”

The state education department has been asked by the rights body for a report by April 9.

~ Source: NDTV


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  • Fuck that principle. And HINDUS please respond to every incident against hinduism.

    • Not just Hindus. Christians, Muslims and Sikhs should condemn this incident by the School Pricipal. Just by asking Hindus to respond, you are not making a secular statement here. Any mistake by any person from any religious background should be condemned by all religious people.

      • I respect ur thoughts whole world need People like u…. So tht can live happy life evry1 nd evrywer

    • You better shut down your mouth., Nobody interested in hatered comments or creating violence. There is body to take care things and they will do it as per law. Keep your Hinduism and all your religious ideas on hold.

      • dear friend

        secularism means respect all religion. you cannot practise hatered in the name of discipline. all becoz of appeasement of these minorities during last 66 yrs with an eye on vote bank…..

        So my friend, u keep your mouth shut. don’t talk rubbish..

      • Crosses are smeared all over a Christian institute and on Christian pupils. Fathers, Sisters, Brothers can be seen in their “Christian gowns” and if Christianity had a tilak, all of them would have “shown” it !!! They hate tilak as it is a Hindu symbol; that’s about it !

    • You are such a low class human being. Watch what you say, you moron! It’s not cool.

    • Whom you fuck man,you idiot. Hold your tongue. And you don’t know to respect elders..they know the law.and saying that to respond all the fellows wanna make violence….. Don’t drag religion here…..if you want,go and solve it…violence is not only the way to solve….are you human being or an animal…..

  • In India, we are secular only in politics. Christian schools are allowed to enforce their tradition on students of other religion but the same becomes a issue if it is done by a Hindu school. All schools irrespective of founding religion must be secular, refrain from forcing their tradition and must focus on their purpose – education.

  • Arrest and jail the concerned teachers, head master/mistress and manager of that school immediately. Dirty fellows all.

  • This is secularism in India .Any bait in the needle is to catch the fish to the basket .Education , medical services help age homes and what not . Run by money pumped by foreigners these missionaries invade on our culture and their ultimate aim is to convert by indirect compulsion like curbing the hindu religious practices .

  • Guys I dnt think you must react on this. Nobody in school will ask a girl not to put tilak if the school is organizing any party or traditional days.
    It makes sense you study in a good school you must follow the rule. If you want your rules to be used more than school then you must put them in municipal school.
    Important is, she is taking education in a Good English medium school, please dnt get religion into this.
    Last question ” did you guys ask any hindu teacher in that school who is not allowed to wear tilak?”
    I am from a convent school , rules were for students not for Teachers. Let the girl concentrate in studies.

    • Very well said, Indian. The problem with the people is they come to conclusions extremely fast and make hasty, unwanted comments that are absolutely unnecessary, and this one is a typical example.

    • Dear Rat Mother fucker….
      It shows ur slave mentality….Good English Medium school doesnt mean not following their personal religion. There are many good Hindu oriented English Medium Schools like DAV, and if they ask any christians or muslims to put tilak, wouldnt there be any controversy…..go jump in a well and die….bloody rat mother fucker…

    • You have a very twisted notion man. You think everyone cursing doesnt have sense. its just that they are fedup with such kind of injustices towards hindus. If you seriously believe in ur theory then it seems you are still under the influence that India is having a very peaceful time and everyone is following same laws.

    • Her parents complained to human rights for the punishment they gave…..not complained to rss or vhp.
      So, dont get too deep into it.
      Everybody here are concerned about the little girl not to her religion.
      I think you are well aware of “no punishment in schools”.

  • Ban all Christian missionary schools across India.they r educating the students towards Christianity not towards true wisdom. Our Hindu Vedas have true wisdom. Please encourage the government schools. Even todays budget Indian government proposed every 5kms one school. JAI HIND.

    • Can you dare to send your students to Govt schools?

  • you simply start boycotting these schools / missionaries that is the only way to bring them to line

  • There is nothing wrong here. In schools, there are some set of rules which have to be followed. You just can’t come in anything you feel like. In most Christian Missionary schools, the rules are you have to be dressed spic and span, you have to trim your nails, you can’t keep long hair, you have to use blue or white colored ribbons to tie your hair(In case you use ribbons), you can’t come in beards etc etc.
    These rules are there from the day of admission of the students to the school. One can’t change the rule at one;s own fancies. If tilak is banned, it has to be observed. The schools are not forcing anyone to get admitted there, but once admitted you have to follow the rules.

    • The basic of any school is to impart knowledge & good moral values. Having a tilak on the forehead shouldn’t restrict any students right to education. If schools are meant for imparting education there should be no space for any religious biases. Then be it having prayers or having statue of any deity or cross inside the school premises. Even I studied in English Medium School which was having a Parsi Management. There was no religious bias towards any community & we used to have prayers from every major religion. Basically the missionary schools have inclination for spreading the hidden agenda and often do get themselves involved evangelist activities. Their management often have a narrow mindset. If our constitution has granted us the freedom of practicing our religion then it should be allowed without having any conditions or rules. The missionary schools should either allow every student to practice their religion freely without any bias towards any particular religion (viz. christianity) or there should be no space for any kind of religious activity then be it the morning prayers made to be sung by every student since the basic function of school is to impart education & not religious propaganda.

  • Crusadors- Secular Basterds- as useal turn blind eye in such cases-Boot that Basterd Principal

  • This incidence will be tolerated, because hinduism is more tolerant religion and thatz what we are taught.

  • school has such a cheap mentality and people who are supporting these acts are also very small narrow minded, anyway we should do somthing about it and such schools should be ban in india

  • This incident is not the only one. This a very common practice in all most all Christian schools. In Siliguri no girl student of a christian school is allowed to maintain long hair, use of Mahendi is strictly prohibited and Tilak is absolutely outility of question. And the best part is no one objects.

  • Who cares for minorities in the world. India is the only country in the world, where every type of non sense done by the minorities are tolerable. Where are bloody champions of secular.

  • Punish that principal and close that school. Send those students to other schools. If he is that much concern about his religion, let him go to church and ask him not to enter any educational institution with prevailing of religious intentions or imposing religion forcefully on students.

  • I am surprised on how people are over-reacting on this particular issue. However, I agree that the action taken by the principal, in my opinion, is unjust. I don’t think it’s a heinous crime to break a low priority rule, as in this case wearing a religious mark on the forehead, resulting in issuance of a “Transfer certificate”. Adding to this I would bring to your notice the incomplete, and spurious at times, information reported by the media on such issues. There is a legal system in our country, and we should let the court do the proceedings. Meanwhile what we could do is adhere to the rules of all the institution, after we sign in, and strictly oppose such intolerable tyranny by any person/institution, though, not by spreading hostility among masses but through various legal channels.

  • That’s not a tradition, i never heard of this for a christian to do. I didn’t know they had laws like this.I thought they were suppose to be nice and help people. They sound more like Catholic schools and there rules.I grew up looking for a religion, my father was a Catholic and my mother was a baptist, i went to several churches and the one that scared me the most was pentacostal.And i thought that God did not care what you wore, what color you are, if your hair was long,if you have dirt on your face. As long as you believe in him , as long you pray to him. i think i am my own missionary, i believe, i care, i am a Polytheism -I am Truly sorry that they did that to the girl and even on her birthday . Patricia

  • You know what, I studied in a Christian school! I was punished for wearing a muffler to school even when I had a sore throat. Yes, missionary schools can be tough with their disciplines and most of the times, “disciple” don’t make sense altogether. So, as muffler is not associated with any religion… I didn’t decide to make it an issue. So, wearing a tilak to school and being punished by standing for 2 hours could be a disciple issue and not a religious one. Let’s question if certain disciples being imposed on kids in school are dumb and should be changed than question if one religion is trying to conquer another.

    • Sad to read about your experience sister.

      It is as illogical as it sounds. If you have suffered from such a fate (probably due to social image ‘boosting’ of your parents by putting you in a convent) DOESN’T MEAN EVERYONE ELSE SHOULD FACE IT TOO.

      Yes I am harsh, and I think I need to. The very base of Christianity is hypocrisy. The largest number of pedophile cases are reported from Vatican (apart from the largest pedophile porn viewing audience)

      What discipline is installed in a child if he isn’t allowed to wear his religious accesories. Do they have guts to stop a muslim girl from wearing burqa ? Why only Hindus are targetted ?

      Because of spineless self-loathing Jaichands / Mir Zaffars like you who at every step defend the actions of your past invaders.

      DO you know after the battle of plassy, about 500k Indians stood on either side of the road and showered rose petals at the foreign invaders only to be killed in hundreds of millions less than a century later.

      If we do not even acknowledge our mistakes how will be learn from it ?

      Do watch a couple of videos on youtube :

      1. Hitchen’s : Hell’s angel
      2. reality of valentine’s day by Rajiv DIxit
      (admin can delete my comment if he finds it ‘offensive’)

  • This converted Christians are so worst for some rupees they become Christian. Get converted and now see the daring that they degrading the other indian cultured people. So sick

  • This has been blown out of proportion! Utter nonsense! Why get religion into all this? Let’s wait for the facts. Don’t understand why the Principal went to the extent of transferring the student; any personal enmity or bad culture of the student….. Give it a thought!
    I have myself seen in KVS2 – Navy Nagar, Mumbai, girls being punished doing bait-tucks, and public watching; how would u correlate this now? Isn’t that very embarrassing. Well, every school, a Teacher / Principal hv disciplinary culture; we must not take away from them this right!

  • The institute should apologise in public first or else there should be world wide protest for this. We are Indians…… Hindus…. If they don’t know how to honor & respect the law of the land… Leave the country…. DON’T POLLUTE ONENESS OF INDIA & UNMATCHABLE CULTURE of ours

  • When hindus object to something it is called blowing out of proportion, mountain out of mole, etc, etc,etc. But when it happens the other way round, then hindus are called hate mongers, intolerant, moral policers, and what not from every available platform.

  • This has everything to do with religion and nothing to do with discipline. I went to a convent school also so I know what goes on inside.They try to brainwash the impressionable minds from day 1 to the superiority of their religion and deride everything Hindu. We had to attend 2 hour mass services every week as part of the ‘curriculum’. Money was collected daily for the ‘poor’ people and now we know where that money goes. Students who did not give alms were publicly shamed and ridiculed .They sold outrageously overpriced notebooks, calendars etc with Christian religious images and all students were expected to buy those. If someone refused, the issue was referred straight to the Principal. In Class 11 all the girls were shown a documentary film with actual abortion.This was without parental approval ,of course. Some girls fainted. But this is how they spread their religious beliefs.The list is endless and therefore I am not surprised that they did this to an innocent girl and that too on her Birthday.

  • Govt should prepare common rules for all schools and colleges. Like Recently central govt has changed baby adoption rules.

  • When a college in Puttur asked muslim girls not to wear burkha in the class room, so called media/ sickulars shouted like anything. Now where is the media/ sickulars, why they are not discussing this for 24 hours a day. We all Hindus should stop sending our kids to Christian school, that is the only solution for this kind of sickulars.

  • Good day to all!!

    Religious matters are increasing everyday. We need to focus on developing the Indian economy, rather than focusing on the matters which are nothing comparing to poverty, rapes, murders, terrorism.

    We all want are children to study in a good school and to become a good person. As stated earlier in the above comments, school have their own set of rules which has to be followed no matter what religion he or she belongs to. There are thousands of schools around which are convent schools, Hindus schools, Muslims schools. In short, I meant we have choice to select our own school. We always find out in details before admitting our children to particular school. There is no compulsion for anyone to join the convent schools if you aren’t happy with it. If you say that Hindus not allowed to put Tilak, even Muslims are not allowed to do the prayers in between the classes. If you allow religious things in schools, there is no end for beliefs and the customs we follow. Tomorrow the other student may come to class barefoot saying that he is following some sacrifice. This is not what the schools want, they focus on education. I request everyone not to interfere into matters which has no proper base or importance.

  • B****** should be punished so hard that No other B****** should dare to it again.

  • I am Hindu from the Carribbean West Indies. I had a similar experience when I was seeking employment. . So Hindus used FAKE christian names to bypass this situation. U R correct the hindus who converted to christinaty displays the Ignorance as being superior. beings..

  • Disgracefull Headmistress, she should be sshsmed, Throw the Headmistress out of school snd bsn her from being in the teacing profession, so that she remembers for life on the littlegirls birthday.

  • In hindu religion TILAK is removed when husband dies. Ask that head mistress to put her cross on the ground and stand on it so she will understand what religious sentiment is.

  • I studied in St. Francis School, Secunderabad. I used to wear civil dress on my birthday. I used to be rebuked but never felt the pinch. This used to happen on every birthday of mine. That includes the bottu(Tilak) as we used to call it

  • Respect other religions too.. if not you too are a terrorist.

  • School yajamanyaniki siggu sharam ledu. Manadeshamlo putti perigi veredesham samskruti avalambinchadam chala peddaneram. Tilakam sampradayam & arogyanni kapaduthafi. Principal vedavaku cheppandi. Ledante ilanti sanghatana marosari jarigite matram manchigundadhi. Madesham needs respect lekapote mee country ki vellu. Mind it. This is final working to you.