What Will Happen to Me When I Die ?



There is something called death as you people call it. But it is God who leaves the body and He doesn’t go anywhere. His vibration stops in the body. But until the individual mind is fully satisfied it will continue to come into this world. People who were together once come together again.

Life has no death; it is eternal. What you call death or end of life is actually a phase and is concerned only with the body. Body consists of matters which dissolve in time to their original form. But the Self has no dissolution.

You have come for a few days; not forever. Why should you bother about anything? You have no right to put a violent end to your own life. Live the normal term of life doing your work, without coveting the wealth of others and enjoying the Divinity within.

Individuals have no existence of their own because exit from their mortal body is inescapable. That which holds the body will return to its own abode when it leaves the body. The reality of the mortal individual is then merged in that eternal and continuous Life Force which never moves from or to any place. When God leaves the body He does not go anywhere. The deceased for whom we perform rites receives nothing.

How many days we can or do live is not important. How we lived or live is important.

For the relish of His Divine Play, God has appeared as many in the mirror of the mind. The Divine Play is intrinsically bipolar, having positive and negative, ups and downs, good and bad. Oscillations between them provide the basis for all creative possibilities of His play. When the play is over, the two poles coalesce into mere Existence, all existents having disappeared.

Action and reaction hold the stage. When reaction gathers magnitude one cries for succour. Then comes death. But the reaction persists and that leads to rebirth. When we give up the body, then and there the mind is caught by Him. After that it is a question of time, maybe just now, maybe one day, maybe a few years, you come back in a different body. Unless and until one’s prarabdha or destined unfolding process of one’s life is full, until one is merged with God, one’s mind will have to come back, and again take a body in this world.

When a person is born, one day he must leave the body. The reality is that nobody goes elsewhere, only the body changes and transforms while the soul exists. You cannot see while the soul leaves the body, you say it goes away, but there is no scope for going beyond this universe. The elements of the body transform and change. The combination of hydrogen and oxygen form water, again under certain conditions oxygen and hydrogen separate and go to their former conditions. If we say vanish, it is not correct. The word transformation or change is more correct.

The mystery is the attachment or maya for the body. We feel nothing for oxygen or hydrogen so we feel nothing about their transformation or change. We feel sorry for the death of mother or father or anyone else because of an attachment. Death is nothing but a change or transformation. Try to understand the origin. If you catch hold of the root, then you will understand the branches.

~ by Dadaji Amiya Roy Choudhry

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