Man has been on a long pilgrimage. Nobody is new here. We are all very ancient pilgrims. You have seen the whole evolution of human consciousness. You have been part of it.

We have always been here – in different forms, in different bodies, doing different things, but we have been here. And we are going to be here forever. There is no way for us to disappear from existence. Nothing can be destroyed and nothing can be added to existence. Existence is always exactly the same.

This insight takes you beyond time – and to go beyond time is to go beyond misery. To know the timeless is to enter into the world of bliss. You are the ancient one, the timeless one, the eternal one. So no need to be worried about small things, no need to be too concerned about mundane things. They come and go. You abide. Remember that which abides, which never comes, never goes. That is the ultimate, and that is within you as it is within everybody else.


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