4 More Arab Sheikhs Arrested in Hyderabad’s Islamic Contract Marriage Racket


During raids, police have recovered steroids and other stimulants that the Arab nationals would use to enhance their sexual potency.

Hyderabad: Continuing the crackdown on the international ‘bride’ trafficking syndicate operating out of Hyderabad, city police have arrested three more Omani nationals and a Chief Qazi of greater Hyderabad, Ali Abdullah Rifai.

During raids, police have recovered steroids and other stimulants that the Arab nationals would use to enhance their sexual potency.

Speaking to News18, DCP (South Zone) V Satyanarayana said, “These aged men are travelling to Hyderabad and damaging the lives of innocent girls through contract marriages. Shockingly, they are using steroids to enhance sexual potency. They are using visiting visas to work visas for human trafficking.”

The arrested Qazi, Popularly known as Volta Qazi, maintained a network of middlemen and was popular in Gulf countries for providing girls.

Investigations revealed that one Sheikh, Balushi Abdullah Mubarak, working as an Imam in an Omani mosque, indulged in 10 contract marriages.

Notably, Mubarak is blind, is a chronic kidney patient undergoing dialysis and even has a pacemaker attached to him. With no sufficient evidence to book a case against him, the police are planning to move for his deportation to avoid further exploitation of girls in the city.

The police are investigating to find details of other victims who were trapped, exploited by the arrested and trafficked to Gulf countries.

“Investigations have released that Gulf nationals prefer Hyderabadi girls as they are tolerant and put up with the torture of the Sheikhs. The girls are used as legal prostitutes in those countries,” Satyanarayana added.

The Hyderabad police say they are in touch with Gulf country embassies in a bid to rescue victims and are leaving no stone unturned in ending the menace. The police is also involving the minority welfare department and creating awareness among communities to stop illegal contract marriages in Hyderabad.

The Hyderabad police had busted a “Sheikh Contract Marriage” racket in the city and arrested 20 people, including 8 Arab nationals for illegally marrying minor girls and taking them to Gulf countries to be used for prostitution.


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  • Dear media,
    Please stop calling these guys Shiekhs. They are just Arabs, Arab men…
    Shiekh is used as a term of respect and dignity for men of repute and or status. Its a misconception in India that anyone in that white ‘nightgown’
    Is a Shiekh.

    • Miss Confised- work on first updating your vocabulary for How we treat sadhus before being so bad damn vocal about the ugly bastard sheikhs

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