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Little known fascinating facts about cows

Little known fascinating facts about cows

Cows are incredibly intelligent, thoughtful and sensitive animals who are among the gentle giants of the world. Despite weighing in excess of 1,400 lbs, they have no instinct to harm and can be a wonderful companion to those lucky enough to spend time in their presence.

Despite this, the vast majority of cows spend their lives confined to dreadful conditions on factory farms where they are subjected to all manner of cruel and inhumane practices so that we can exploit their bodies for milk and meat. When confined to the stalls of a large dairy or beef farm, they are unable to exhibit their natural behaviors, and this leads to a widespread misunderstanding of their true nature.

If you’ve never taken the time to consider the complex emotional capabilities of these sentient animals before, here are seven fascinating things you never knew about cows. If you don’t believe them to be true, contact your local farm animal sanctuary and arrange to meet one in person!

Leap For Joy

When cows are happy, they run around and leap into the air with excitement. There are some amazing photographs and videos of cows doing this when they are released into fresh green pasture after being kept inside for a period of time. Samuel the cow from Sanctuary Gaia did just this after he had been let into the field for the first time after an operation.

Get Excited When They Solve Problems

Cows are critical thinkers and they are able to solve complex problems. Researchers studying their problem solving capabilities noticed a distinctive spike in their heartbeat when they were successful in overcoming challenges. They are not so different from you or I in this respect.

Live for up to 20 Years

Despite the fact that cows in the meat and dairy industry often don’t live over 5 years old, their natural lifespan is in excess of four times this. When cow’s bodies are intensively used by the dairy industry, their bodies cannot cope with the demands placed on them, and their vital organs begin to deteriorate after a very short amount of time. When milk production slows, they are sent to slaughter, while they are still effectively not even adults.

Remember Faces for Long Periods of Time

Cows have amazing memories, and due to their social nature they are extremely good at remembering and recognizing faces. There have been many instances of cows running over to greet visitors at sanctuaries who have not seen them for six months or longer, yet the cow still recognizes them and comes over for a cuddle.

Nurse Their Calves for up to 3 Years

When given the chance, cows have been known to nurse their calves for as long as three years. They have extremely strong maternal bonds and are excellent parents to their young, with different herd members performing nurturing roles if required.

Grieve for their Loved Ones

It is common for cows to show very obvious signs of grief when a loved one is taken away from them. When a calf is taken away from its mother, she will scream and cry for many hours, and will not display her usual behaviors for a long time after that. They have even been known to walk for miles on end looking for their calves, all the time displaying visible signs of stress, anger and distress.

Love Cuddles and Affection

Anyone who has visited a farm animal sanctuary will tell you that cows are extremely affectionate and loving creatures. Cows who have been mistreated and abused in the past can take some time (as with all animals) to heal and learn to trust humans once more, but they do have an amazing capacity for forgiveness and understanding of the intentions of new people they meet. Cows love to lay in the sunshine and have strokes and rubs, and will happily follow around people they know are going to give them attention.

~ Abigail Geer, president of Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary in Spain and creator of The Kind Kitchen


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  • Great Service to bring unknown facts about the animal COW…..But there are also scientific and practical use of this animal even after they go dry without milk,….It will help to highlight those uses to deter the idea that dry cows are useless and worthy only of being butchered….

    Anyway this is a highly educative article…..I bow my heads to the writer of this article.

    • What do you do with useless humans after they turn into zombies? Using animals for human “comfort” is WRONG. Get a grip on that, will you?

      • Well said Hannah…I agree with you but I believe Mr. Mahalingam is also correct. Not all humans possess & admire compassion as a virtue. An article with some logical arguments can help those persons to understand the fact that “Killing Cows in their old age is wrong”.

  • The articles presents the nature of cows. Any one who has eaten beef will feel guilty after reading this.

    Thanks a lot for enlightening all readers.

    • Human zombies have no compassion and they will NOT feel guilt just from reading this article! They even view cows being slaughtered and the human monsters still eat dead bodies. You give human monsters WAY too much credit.

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