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Jesus Surya Namaskar?

Jesus Surya Namaskar?


Someone just sent this to me and requested really badly that I share this….

I am not sure what to say or feel about this and have very mixed feelings – Funny, angry, anxious, curious, confused and a few others.

Well, in 10 years or so from now I hope people won’t start saying India copied Yoga and Meditation from WEST, and/or Jesus taught yoga. Unless they are already saying this!?

Another curious thing I noticed in this apart from JESUS SURYA NAMASKAR, Jesus sitting in “BUDDHA” pose dressed like him as well. hmm….

Things like this motivate me more and more to make sure to do all I can to spread the knowledge and our SANSKRITI to as many as possible so at least this hijacking won’t affect 100% of us and our coming generations.

But, again it is what it is….


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  • Really don’t know why you bothered to post this. As a non-Indian who really enjoys the culture and who appreciates what yoga has brought to the world, I find putting Jesus on the Surya Namaskar inappropriate. It is known that he traveled to India and studied there but this is not anything that he taught.

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