Questions You Should Ask Yourself

Spirituality is a misunderstood concept, a journey of self-discovery. A realization of not only who you are, but who you want to be. Spirituality represents a challenge of reaching beyond your normal levels. It is being said that 95% of “Self-Improvement” attempts fail. And it’s not the person’s fault in my opinion. If you belong in this category or if you are just starting discovering your inner self, here are 12 questions you ought to answer, if you want to see some actual results.

Don’t rush into answering. I have carefully selected what to ask your conscious and subconscious mind. So, you need to take your time and answer carefully. Find the right place, relax and start thinking. Writing your answers along with the questions can also be very beneficial! Having a journal and updating it with your spiritual stuff is your best option.

But let’s see the questions…

Question 1: Who are the people with the greatest impact in my life?”
You want to identify the people who have influenced your life-line. You want to keep those people who have a positive effect in your way of life. You want to discard those people who bring negativity.

Question 2: “How have these people affected me until today?
You want to determine how those people you love, have influenced your beliefs. Try to remember incidents from the past, special occasions or situations that are somehow connected with your spiritual beliefs.

Question 3: “Who is the person with whom I feel most comfortable?
This is a critical question. Among all the people in your close circle, there must be someone who is more special than anyone else. Why? Because he/she has such a positive effect on you. Find this person and keep in touch often (if not every day).

Question 4: “What is the ideal job for me? What if there where no money in the world? How would the world be?
OK! I understand it’s 3 questions but you want to realize what is your best area of expertise (if you haven’t done that already). Because if you have know-how you can share it and even sell it. Helping others by sharing your solid expertise is the best way to achieve wealth and many other goals. But you also want to measure your dependence on money.

Question 5: “How important is my job for me? Do I love my job?
If you are working on a field that you have no interest in, then you must identify that and seek to find a more suitable job. You should be doing things that you actually love.

Question 6: “Where would I want to be in a decade from now?
This is a trick-question to test your skills in setting and visualizing long-term goals. Go ahead and try to answer it in a relaxed state. Don’t forget to take note of your answers for later use.

Question 7: “What are my goals for this month? This year? The next year?
You want to be empowered with the ability to set and visualize short-term goals. If you answer the question in detail and keep notes, you will have a clear and precise image of all your current (running) goals.

Question 8: “How can I avoid a stagnant life?
Another tricky question. You may not even want to answer this at all because you don’t want to believe in a stagnant life right? You don’t want to embrace darkness at all. What you want is to always evolve and be a useful part of this Universe.

Question 9: “Do things happen for a reason in my life or not?
Everyone seems to have an answer for this question. Others will tell you that nothing happens without a reason. That our Creator is so wise and leaves nothing to chance. What is your opinion?

Question 10: “What is my purpose in life? Do I have one?
You want to identify your true purpose in life. Because you have at least one. It might be something you never thought of. Something you never aimed at. But the fact is you ought to know your true purpose for coming in this vain world.

Question 11: “What are the specific experiences that have shaped my spiritual beliefs?”
This question is a dive to the subconscious mind. By answering you will be able to identify all the limiting (false) beliefs that you were brought up with.

Question 12: “Am I a good or a bad person?
Take your time before answering this question and keep in mind that Evil and Good are relative terms. What is good for you might not be good for me. Moreover, there no thing that is absolutely evil or absolutely good.- Can a knife be evil when it is used both for slicing bread or hurting someone? People give positive or negative polarity to things. Is the internet a work of just Evil or just Good?

So, these are the 12 spiritual questions you ought to ask yourself before starting your spiritual journey. All you have to do now is perform this exercise and write down the answers. It seems easier said than done. But after you are finished, you will be well armed with great knowledge about your true self.

~ Maria Markella