Manifestations of Light During Meditation

Manifestations of Light During Meditation

Various kinds of lights manifest during meditation owing to concentration. In the beginning, a bright white light, the size of a pin’s point will appear in the forehead in the Trikuti, the space between the two eyebrows, which corresponds tentatively to the Ajna-Chakra of the astral body.

You will notice, when the eyes are closed, different coloured lights, white, yellow, red, smoky, blue, green, mixed lights, flashes like lightning, like fire, burning char-coal, fire-flies, moon, sun, stars. These lights appear in the mental space, Chidakasa. These are all Tanmatric lights. Each Tanmatra has its own specific colour. Prithvi (earth) Tanmatra has a yellow-coloured light; Apas (water) Tanmatra has a white-coloured light; Agni (fire) Tanmatra has a red-coloured light; Vayu (wind) Tanmatra has a smoky light; Akasa (sky) Tanmatra has a blue light. Yellow and white lights are very commonly seen. Red and blue lights are rarely noticeable. Frequently there is a combination of white and yellow lights. In the beginning, small balls of white light float about before the mind’s eye.

When you first observe this, be assured that the mind is becoming more steady and that you are progressing in concentration. After some months, the size of the light will increase and you will see a full blaze of white light, bigger than the sun. In the beginning, these lights are not steady. They come and disappear immediately. They flash out from above the forehead and from the sides. They cause peculiar sensations of extreme joy and happiness and there is an intense desire for a vision of these lights.

When you have steady and systematic practice of two or three hours in the morning, and two to three hours at night, these lights appear more frequently and remain steadily for a long time. The vision of the lights is a great encouragement in Sadhana. It impels you to stick steadily to meditation. It gives you strong faith also in superphysical matters. The appearance of the light denotes that you are transcending the physical consciousness. You are in a semi-conscious state when the light appears. You are between two planes. You must not shake the body when these lights manifest. You must be perfectly steady in the Asana. You must breathe very, very slowly.


One whose food is moderate, whose anger has been controlled, who has given up all love for society, who has subdued his passions, who has overcome all pairs (heat and cold, etc.), who has given up his egoism, who does not bless anyone nor take anything from others-such a man during meditation obtains it (the triangle) in the face.


“Vishoka Va Jyotismati.” (Chap. I, Sutra 36. Patanjali- Yoga-Sutras). “You can attain Samadhi by meditation on the Effulgent One Who is beyond all sorrow.”

Sometimes, during meditation you will see a brilliant dazzling light. You will find it difficult to gaze on this light. You will be compelled to withdraw your mental vision from this light. This dazzling light is the light emanating from the Sushumna in the heart.


You will see two kinds of forms (1) lustrous forms of Devatas, (2) physical forms. You will see your Ishta Devata or tutelary deity (guiding Devata) in handsome dress and with various, valuable ornaments, flowers, garlands, with four hands and weapons. Siddhas, Rishis, etc., appear to encourage you. You will find a huge collection of Devatas and celestial ladies with various musical instruments in their hands. You will see beautiful flower-gardens, fine palatial buildings, rivers, mountains, golden temples, sceneries so lovely and picturesque as cannot be adequately described.


Sometimes, during meditation, you will get very powerful, dazzling lights, bigger than the sun. They are white. In the beginning, they come and fade away quickly. Later on, they are steady, they become fixed for 10 or 15 minutes or half an hour according to the strength and degree of concentration. For those who concentrate on the Trikuti, the space between the two eyebrows, the light appears in the forehead in the Trikuti, while for others who concentrate on the top of the head, Sahasrara Chakra, the light manifests on the top of the head. The light is so powerful and dazzling sometimes, that you have to withdraw yourself from looking at it and break the meditation.

Some people are afraid and do not know what to do and how to proceed further. They come to me for instructions. I tell them that this is a new sensation which they have not hitherto experienced. By constant practice, the mind engaged in concentration will be used to it, and the fear will vanish. I ask them to go on with the practice. Some people concentrate on the heart, some on Trikuti, and some on the top of the head. It is a question of personal taste. It is easy to control mind by concentrating on the Trikuti. If you are used to fix on the Trikuti, stick to it always. Do not make frequent changes. Steadiness is very necessary.

The beings and objects with whom you are in touch during the early period of meditation belong to the astral world. They are similar to human beings minus a physical overcoat. They have desires, cravings, love, hatred, etc., just as human beings have. They have fine bodies. They can move about freely. They have powers of materialisation, dematerialisation, multiplying, clairvoyant vision of an inferior order. The lustrous forms are higher Devatas of mental or higher planes who come down to give you Darshan, and encourage you. Various Saktis manifest in lustrous forms. Adore them. Worship them. Do mental Puja as soon as they give you Darshan. Angels are beings of mental or higher planes. They also appear before your mind’s eye.

Sometimes, you will feel an invisible help, possibly from your Ishta Devata when you are actually pushed from the physical body into the new plane. That invisible power assists in your separating from the body and going above body-consciousness. You will have to mark carefully all these operations.

Do not waste your time in looking at these visions. This is only a curiosity. These are all encouragements to convince you of the existence of superphysical, metaphysical realities and the solid existence of Brahman. Drive these pictures. Fix yourself on the goal-Lakshya. Advance. Proceed seriously and energetically.

As soon as you retire for sleep, these lights manifest themselves without any exertion on your part. Just when you are going to transcend the physical consciousness, just when you are drowsy, these lights appear without your effort. Also in the morning, before you get up, in the transitional stage, half-asleep, half-awake, you will get again these lights by themselves without attempt.

Sometimes, during meditation, you will see an infinite blue sky, ethereal space. You will see yourself in the blue space as a black dot. Your form will appear in the centre of the light sometimes. Sometimes, you will notice highly vibratory, rotating particles in the light. You will see physical forms, human forms, children, women, adult males, Rishis with beards, Siddhas and lustrous Tejomaya forms. Visions are either subjective or objective, your own mental reactions or of realities on finer planes of matter. Universe consists of planes of matter of various grades of density. Rhythmical vibrations of Tanmatras in various degrees, give rise to the formation of various planes.

Each plane has its things and beings. Visions may be of these things or beings. They may be purely imaginary. They may be crystalisation of your own intense thinking. You must discriminate in Yogic practices. Reason and common-sense must be used throughout.

~ Swami Sivananada 


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  • In my opinion, inner vision of lights, and also visions of silver and golden hues are visible only when the Kundalini is awakened through the Ida and the Pingala Nadis and not when it happens through the Sushumna Nadi . This is the path to soul realisation only. These hues are not seen by those who are exclusively on the Bhakti Yoga Marg, I.e on the path of God realisation. . Whenever there is a control of the mind or the physical body, it is well to say that the sadhak is on the Kundalini awakening path. In Bhakti Yoga path, the sadhak does no meditation or physical exercises. He is just immersed in joy and love for the God that leads to the descent of Gods grace. The feelings on the Bhakti Yoga Marg , the Integral Yoga or silent medition followed by Sri Aurobindo are entirely different from Kundalini meditation path and in my opinion sadhaks should not be under the impression that only when you see visions of colour you are on the right path of realisation . God realisation is different from soul realisation and so are the experiences or feelings. The two are poles apart. This has been explained in God , Soul and Spirit written by A Traveller.

  • There are so many different paths given to us by so many saints to attain mukthi or moksha n each n every individual who practices those different methods get different experiences n these can be only taken as a guidance to know whether we are in the right path. For some its light, for some its the ringing of bells, for some there is sweet fragrance of a flower, for some gods and goddesses darshan but as swamiji said these experiences give us the push to do more and more meditation because they give an inexplicable joy and makes meditation an enjoyable experience.

  • What about lights that appear even when you are not medidating? I usual get flashes of tiny white lights occasionally. But this happens during routine work. I could be doing some work in office and suddenly the light appears for a split second and disappears. They also appear when attending long calls of natural. They just appear any time anywhere. Its very random. Sometimes the lights are a little bigger and more visible. Most of these lights I see with naked eyes and never during Chanting.

  • From my readings and understanding, it is possible for humans to see the light emitted from a person dying. Avatar Pursushas have witnessed of those who died o thinking their ishta devatas. Merging in to light is actually seen with physical eyes. Tamil Saint bala maharishi Gyana Sambhandar merged into light as seen by others. Ramalinga swami (Tamil maharishi) also merged into light seen by others. It is not necessary that death should result in bodily light emission. Psychics like Sally Morgan (UK) describes her life-changing behavior after seeing light emission from a terminally ill patient in a hospital ward. So the record is global, nothing to do wth Hinduism, Hinduism accounted for IT!

  • Once while giving ‘arghya’ to the sun in the morning with closed eyes I saw 5 clear big circles of yellow light. After a second or 2,a flash of white light was there clearly showing those yellow circles. I saw this at least for a minute. I was surprised. Never seen anything like this before and after this. I saw this a day before ‘Navratri’ started this year Oct. 2017. Still amazed what was it. Trying to understand its meaning. Never saw after though tried many times.