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Lately we have been hearing about a fair amount of problems in UK between the local British people and the Muslim community.

Muslims are trying to enforce Sharia law in the country that already has its own set of legal system in place.  They want everyone to serve halal meat, whether it’s in a store, restaurant or school.  In Muslim areas, teams of “Muslim Patrols” or vigilantes are on the prowl, heckling people on the streets and trying to enforce their own ideology and Sharia law; telling them they are not wanted in the localities since it’s a “Muslim only” area and non-Muslims are not welcome.

The problem is not only in UK but all across the world where they are trying to implement their own laws or change the local laws according to their own satisfaction, including Australia, India and Canada just to name a few countries.

This is not just a Muslim issue but rather one that falls under the umbrella of anyone wanting to change the laws of another country they have adopted.

We have also been getting messages on some of our posts, especially related to historical events where Muslims, Christians and Secular Hindus come and spew out their anger on the article at hand, stating comments like:  India tum hinduon ke baap ka nahi hai  /  tere paas kya raseed hai  /  Modi aaya nahi to tum jaise *&%&$# gurrane lag gaye ho…etc…  And these remarks are coming on posts that are over a year old and have no connection to the current elections or new Modi government.

To counter this, we found the perfect video, very well rationalized by a Pakistani British Muslim who couldn’t have presented his views any better to these radicals.  There are plenty of rational people out there but the fanatic radicals ruin the name of the whole community without a single thought of repercussions of their actions on others.

Rationality of all communities in India showed well in these elections…

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