Vastu tips for wealth

Vastu tips for wealth

Money is perhaps the most essential aspect in our lives. Financial constraints can bring a lot of stress and keep you in a state of bother. Vastu tips for wealth helps you to keep your finances flowing smoothly. It also prevents money from being limited due to any reason. It can help a dull business which is into losses, by bringing back profits and yielding wealth. If the right Vastu principles are followed, it will help achieve and maintain peace and prosperity at home. The following are very favorable Vastu tips for wealth and success in all commercial endeavors.

Main Door

The main door is considered to be the place which allows prosperity inside your house. So, there should be no shoes or slippers dispersed around the main door of the house. There should be a good amount of space at the main door, thus, allowing it to be free and clear. The energy that rides with the wind will be tainted with the dirt and smell of shoes and slippers. Entering your house with such negative influences will cause losses.


Always open your bedroom windows for at least 20 minutes a day to allow fresh air to come in. If not, you will be sleeping with stale energy every night. This is detrimental for peace and prosperity.


Clocks inside your house should be in a working condition. If not, fix them or give them away. Your finances stagnate when you have clocks that do not work. Slow clocks indicate that you are behind your due date always.

Safe Locker

The money safe of the house should be placed in the southwest corner of the building.

Vastu Tips for Keeping the House Clean

  • The cleaning devices such as the brooms and mops should be kept out of sight and preferably upside down. This will safeguard the family’s source of revenue from being removed away.
  • Sweeping the floor should be done towards the inside of the house. Never direct your cleaning actions towards the main door. This will cause a reduction in wealth.
  • Rubbish bins should have covers. Keep them covered all the time. Avoid garbage cans, which are perforated on the sides. Wealth energy gets corrupted otherwise.
  • A clear desk encourages clear thinking. It also helps boost monetary energy and creativity. Only the computer, phone and current paperwork should be used over the desk. Anything else has to be considered carefully.

Vastu Tips for Maintaining the Restroom

  • Make sure that the taps in your bathroom or kitchen do not drip. The constant dripping creates negative energy. Dripping taps signify leaking wealth.
  • Blocked plumbing specifies blocked financial energy somewhere in the resident’s life. Clean up all your drains and ensure proper outflow of wastewater.
  • Do not locate toilets above the main entrance. They generate negative energy, which will interfere with the positive energy entering through the main door.

~ Ashwin Panday