Vastu for Kitchen and Bathroom

Vastu for Kitchen and Bathroom

The Kitchen:

The room in which berth (fire place) is kept should be positioned in the south-east corner of the house. If it is kept in the south-west corner, it causes illness, bad luck, etc. If it is kept on the western side it leads to unnecessary expenditure, if it is kept in the north leads expenditure and illness. If it is kept in the north-east corner, it leads to conflicts etc. The flooring in the kitchen should not be low. The house should have compound walls on its sides. The compound walls should have gates exactly opposite to the main doors of the house.

Generally people build kitchen room in south-eastern side. It is good if it is built separately. It can be arranged in the North-west side also. If it is arranged in any other place, it may lead to the sickness of the people in the house. They may incur losses. The fire place should in the south-eastern corner. There must be free flow of air into the room.

The Bathroom:

Bathrooms and toilet rooms can be built on the eastern side or in the south-east corner. These can be built even in the North-West corner. These may be built either on the Northern side or on the Eastern side if necessary.

Water-tubs and water-tanks built on pillars should be placed in the east and northern sides of a house. The things should not be placed on the south and the south-western directions as they lead to illness etc. Bathroom and toilets should not be built and facing on the northern side of a house as they result in evil consequences.

Construction of bathrooms and toilets is prohibited in the North-east corner or in the south-west corner. There must be good flow of water to these rooms to maintain neatness. The north-east corner should always be clean and neat as it is considered to be the holy place i. e., the place of God.