Vastu and importance of directions

Vastu and importance of directions

Vastu have a vital role in progeny. It not only resolves progeny related problems, but is also responsible for good health of child. Vaastu parameters are made keeping in mind various energy fields coming from different directions. There different field affects various spheres of our life.

Some affect our health, financial situation, mutual relationships, profession and some affect progeny. Here we will discuss some factors which affect progeny in a family or in a house. Having children and their good health is one of the most important motive of any married couple worldwide.

But if we make a house against vastu norms we find ourselves standing against natural forces. One of the basic motto of vastu is to extract maximum out of natural forces so that we can get maximum energy for each & every field of life. If we are standing against nature some of these energies are obstructed and we find ourselves lacking in some spheres of life.

Slopping of a house not only affects the health and financial status of family members but also plays a vital role in extension of family tree. If North East of a house is highest then it is almost impossible to have a progeny in that house. Children in these houses face problems in their childhood. If South West is lowest then the elder son will face problems when he grows up.

A low North West indicates miscarriages and still births. If North East is lowest it leads to a healthy child.

Before starting construction of house, do some plantation on that plot. Speed of growth of the plantation indicates whether the soil has the power to help the progeny or not. If we find some growth within seven days then that land is good, but if there is no growth at all, it indicates infertility.

As per Vastu tenets this land should be left alone. Water source in North East leads to a healthy child. If the North East has a tubewell or an under ground water tank, it is good for children. But if North East has stairs or North East is elevated it is extremely harmful.

If you are planning a baby you should not sleep in the North West room. It is a direction of the air element and which makes it hard to conceive. Bedroom in North West and North East leads to miscarriages. So if any lady is pregnant, she should not sleep in this direction.