VHP to launch nationwide programme against untouchability

VHP to launch nationwide programme against untouchability

Vishwa Hindu Parishad on Saturday announced a nationwide programme against untouchability and cautioned that practicing discrimination will make Hindus “perish altogether”.

VHP’s International Working President Pravin Togadia acknowledged that discrimination on caste-lines “widens the divide” among Hindus but refused to link the campaign with reports that many Dalits converted because of discrimination against them and said the outfit always opposed it.

Amid row over ‘ghar-wapsi’, under which Hindu groups have tried to win over Dalit converts in states like UP, a senior RSS leader had reportedly stated that untouchability and discrimination on caste lines was a reason behind conversion.

Togadia declined to comment on this.

“All Hindus must get entry in all temples. There must be one crematorium for all Hindus. Following untouchability will make Hindus perish altogether,” he told reporters.

Togadia said VHP will campaign in villages for all Hindus to use same water source and share their meals together.

Batting for “India without untouchability”, he said, “There is no religious sanction for untouchability in Hinduism. Different things are written in different books but Vedas are the final authority on the religion and nowhere do they support untouchability.

“All Hindus are part of the same family. We will work to abolish this practice”.


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  • This should have been taken up long time back. Caste system that was meant to serve division of labor in the society and specialization has outlived its purpose long time back. Untouchability has no religious sanction. Adi Sankara has specifically made it very clear in Manisha Panchakam how the presence of indwelling Paramathma should be recognized in all living beings. Srimad Bhagawad Gita has also emphasized this point.

    Even before Independence great leaders have worked against this bad social practice. Dr. Ambedkar in his famous proposal for ‘Annihilation of Castes’ advocated strong social and religious reforms. Though some of his ideas were pejorative and needed fine-tuning, it was a blunder that his proposals were totally rejected. If only his ideas had been given due weight and taken up for consideration, he would have certainly shaped up his proposals perfectly.

    A wrong impression has been deliberately created that the caste system with its rotten untouchability continues because of the upper castes, especially the Brahmins. Nothing can be farther from truth. Even before Independence great leaders, many of them Brahmins, had taken initiatives against the caste system in general and untouchability in particular.

    Mahakavi Sri Subrahmania Bharatiyar sang:

    சாதிகள் இல்லையடி பாப்பா – குலத் தாழ்ச்சி உயர்ச்சி சொலல் பாவம்! (Oh! child, there are no castes; attributing superiority or inferiority on the basis of lineage is sin.)

    Several Brahmins under the leadership of Rajaji worked for the opening of the temples for the Dalits.

    A long list can be given; but I do not want to state the obvious.

    A question may be asked: Why then the castes still exist and have become stronger in many areas after Independence. It is because of the politicians. Soon after independence the national Congress underwent a fast metamorphosis. Many of those who were against the fundamental principles (Casteless society, Prohibition, Abolition of Untouchability etc.,) of the Congress managed to join the Congress or gained influence with its leaders. They did everything to continue the ‘divide and rule’ tactics of the British by perpetuating the castes in several ways. Only thing is that they divided and misruled.

    Instead of uniting all the people on the basis of equality, the politicians started creating separate vote banks by sowing seeds of enmity among them and by offering concessions, reservations etc. They did not have social harmony as their goal. For them the only consideration has always been political power gained through sensational politics, promoting conflicts through religion, castes, language, region and what not.

    Our Vedic religion accommodates several schools of philosophical and theological thought. It is exemplifies the principle of Unity in Diversity. The various religious gurus also should not show interest in building empires of their own. While highlighting the aspects of their philosophical school, they should also highlight the aspects of Unity inherent in our religion. They should sit together and come out with simple, common principles and practices for all the Hindus without any exception.

    Removal of untouchability is only a part of bringing about unity among all the Hindus. Let me conclude again by quoting a few lines of the Mahakavi Subhramania Bharatiyar.

    அறிவே தெய்வம்

    மெள்ள பலதெய்வம் கூட்டி வளர்த்து
    வெறும் கதைகள் சேர்த்து – பல
    கள்ள மதங்கள் பரப்புதற் கோர்மறை
    காட்டவும் வல்லீரோ?

    ஒன்று பிரமம் உளது உண்மை அஃதுன்
    உணர்வெனும் வேதமெலாம் – என்றும்
    ஒன்று பிரமம் உளது உண்மை அஃதுன்
    உணர்வெனக் கொள்வாயே.

    Can you show any authority from the Vedas for including a number of gods on the strength of imaginary stories and spreading unauthentic religious dogmas?

    The Vedas declare that there is one and only one Absolute Reality and that is Universal Consciousness. You also adopt this ‘ekam sath’ principle of the Vedas and celebrate your consciousness as the Absolute Reality.

  • Don’t let Hindus be led by foreigners. Remember the story in the Panchatantra about “taking the donkey to the market”. For converting Hindus missionaries will create all sorts of stories. Untouchability is one of them. Even the least intellect can figure out that an unjust system cannot survive in any society for thousands of years. So the whole thing about untouchability was cooked by the missionaries.
    Jati system is a way of taking pride by people. Every Hindu takes pride in the the contributions done by their Jati to the society. Nowadays, no one knows anything about himself/herself and hence is ready to swallow the stories made by missionaries.
    If the Hindus take the initiative to remove untouchability, they’ll find something else and starting harping on the newly found “shameful” practice. The right approach is to face it and explain with sufficient reason to show why it is not such a mean practice. There are numerous gravely unjust practices in the foreign countries. We should counter by highlighting those. Hindus have become such a weak community because we have removed or marginalised the intellectual brahmins and removed the Kshetriyas from leadership roles. This has left with no one to take on the cunning missionaries nor fight the anti nationals.

    All said and done there is another issue. How do you justify when your son comes home and says “how come my friend got a job while his score was way below mine?” Or how do you justify promoting a junior over his senior colleague based on “untouchability”? So, remove reservations in jobs, admissions, promotions, etc. Then attempt to preach Hindus about untouchability. It makes much sense then!!!!

  • This initiative is overdue by a 1000yrs. Kudos to RSS. But they should be genuine and believe in it. As for people like Rajesh, guess they have not been at the bitter receiving end of Hindu caste system or just pretending to be so that they can bask in the clout of superiority as sanctified by the scriptures

  • Whatever our arrogant opinions are, this initiative is great.And the words of rajesh are indeed true, irrespective of our personal experiences.
    Thank You