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Ethical Living

Cruelty Free Living

Many consumers are completely unaware of the support they lend to cruel practices by their purchases and the selections they make of food and clothing. If they...

Ethical Living

The Indian Rivers of Sorrow

~ by Pratha Sharma The recent pictures of the rivers of blood flowing through Bangladeshi streets presents the most obnoxious facet of the word ‘Humanity’. The...

Ethical Living

The Greed!

श्री गुरुभ्योनमः न निर्मिता के न दृष्टपूर्वा न श्रुत्वा हेममयी कुरङ्गी तधापि तृष्ण रघुनन्दनस्य विनाशकाले विपरीतबुद्दिः || [It has not been made by anybody so...

Ethical Living

What is civilization ?

Life has become entirely dependent and freedom is unknown. When the switch fails, there is no light in the house. When you want it badly, there is no water in...