Why Does Evil Exist In The World Today?

Why Does Evil Exist In The World Today?

One question that has always tormented many God fearing/God loving, and religious people, from time immemorial is—- why should there be so much evil, when God, the all knowing, omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient entity is at the helm of affairs?. Knowing God to be kind hearted, giving and loving, it is very difficult for many of us to reconcile to the fact that when He is in charge of everything, how can there be so much evil, so much misery, and so many bad things happening? One look at the newspapers or television is enough to see all that is not well with the world, whether it is people suffering because of natural disasters or man made ones. One solution is to have another entity called the Devil, who is in charge of all things evil, and pit him against the forces of God. While this concept works for some of us, many would not be satisfied with this explanation.

It is very important to get some rational answer to this question, for many a time, those who believe in God tend to get confused and disillusioned, when they see so many destructive forces and acts going on in and around them in this world. “What is God doing? Why is He allowing these evil human beings to perform such heinous acts and why is He letting many criminals go scot-free?” Why is He letting thousands of his children perish in an earthquake, flash floods or Tsunami? Answering this question to the total satisfaction of the common man is of utmost importance, if faith in God and goodness is to be kept intact.Here is a concept which is my own, which I would like to propose. Like all metaphysical concepts, it is something that can be accepted or rejected, and will make sense only if it becomes our own truth, not otherwise. Feel free to accept or reject it, or to give your own opinions and ideas.

life, as it exists in this Universe, is always in the dual form, or in duality. Many contrasting qualities are packaged together, and exist as polar opposites. Good and bad, night and day, summer and winter, poor and rich, black and white, birth and death, to name a few. Whatever system sustains life on this planet uses duality as its basic hardware or software, to run this world. And since we credit God with creating and maintaining this Universe, it is logical to assume that even this duality is created by the same source. If only one of the opposing qualities existed, life could not propagate itself on this planet and no evolution would have been possible.

Since this world exists within the framework of space and time, duality automatically becomes a part and parcel of this world. To be without duality, the non-dual state, where there is neither good nor bad, neither birth nor death, one has to go beyond time and space, which is not normally possible for us, human beings in this world. And hence, because we are within time and space, the very nature of life remains dual and evil or sin will always be there, along with the good and the virtuous.

Everything in this Universe needs energy to operate. For an electrical current to flow, there needs to be a negative and a positive terminal. Magnets need a South and North pole, to be effective. Similarly, the huge amounts of energy required to operate this Universe can be generated only by the potential difference between these dual qualities that exist here. If there was only one quality— only good, only day, only birth—then there is no potential difference and energy cannot be generated, and the Universe would soon die out from a lack of energy. Hence, if we understand this, we would immediately realize that we owe our very existence on this planet, to this duality. And once this clarity is achieved, it becomes easier not to blame God or the Devil for all that is unacceptable to us in the world, and easier to realize why there will always be an admixture of good and evil, as long as this world remains in existence.

Our role here is to make our choice between good and bad, with the help of our consciousness, and then walk on the path that we have chosen. How much good we will come across, how much evil we will face, how much happiness or suffering we will have to undergo, why some people have a relatively smooth life, while those of many others are so turbulent—all these are perhaps decided by our past deeds, by our karma or fate. Hence, it becomes all the more necessary to think and do good in the present moment, so that, as we are paying off our old karmic debts, we do not keep adding to the load. Since all of life is governed by the law of causality, whatever path we choose, we will have to bear all the good and bad repercussions of our choices.

By: P V Vaidyanathan


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  • This article regurgitates everything we have heard; but is that the truth? The starting premise is that there is something that is good and something that is evil. Is that really so? Aren’t ‘good’ and ‘evil’ just subjective labels we attach to those that are favourable or inimical to us? For example, from our subjective point of view, killing a poisonous snake is ‘good’ and from that snake’s subjective point of view it is ‘evil’. Everything is ‘good’, everything has arisen out of the substratum of ‘good’. ‘God’ is the originator of both, what we subjectively see as ‘good’ and as ‘evil’. We are part of God’s world of what we see comprising of ‘good’ and ‘evil’. For God, there is no ‘good’ and no ‘evil’. Moreover, God is not our hired custodian of our world to maintain it as per our requirements; so people should stop wondering why God does not make it more suited to our, one species’, wants. The world is meant for all names and forms. We, who live in God’s world and are a part of it should learn to live in conformity to it rather than create our own ‘God’ and demand his/her services.

  • Right from birth we(specially Hindus) were taught that good always wins. Bad will perish. since 1800 years I saw only bad people ruining the world irrespective of religion. Millions & Millions died because of few cruel people and yet there is no sight of winning of good. Even now everwhere around world everyone knows the cruelties happening in all countries on large scale , yet even if all the good combines cannot stop one cruelty and we see people loosing lives, innocent kids also being raped, killed. If the concept of duality is there then good and evil should exist in slightly imbalanced state, not this huge imbalance which is existing today.
    Take for example the +ve side and -ve side in current, both flow with same voltage else it short circuits. That balance is not seen hence the heartache question of why such huge imbalance of good and bad and good feels helpless and heartbroken.

  • I think the question is irrelevant, you say about things such as polarities in the universe, but the universe is clearly a container for both polarities to exist in, u talk about a supreme god as if he is purely positive, then say humans have a choice, if there is a supreme god then he is all encompassing and must embody good & evil within itself. To say the suepreme is only one or the other polarity is inconsitent with other things u say. Maybe there are many gods, some positive & some negative and that would account for a lot of realities good & evil traits. But u seem to think there i a supreme god & that it is good. This shows that even u who promotes hinduism has been infected by christian thought, if there is a true supreme god then it contains both positive & negative within itself else the universe wouldn’t be as it is