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Silencing the chatter

Silencing the chatter...
Silencing the chatter...

In today’s fast paced modern world it seems that many have come to find that the one thing that stands between their happiness is not materialistic wants, but their own mind.

We live each day with thousands of things demanding our minds precious attention. We think incessantly about a million things that many of us become slaves to our minds. In fact, we think so much that as soon as we have time to be still we don’t even know how to enjoy being quiet.

The only way you will ever experience peace of mind is by learning to drop the analogical thinking mind.

It’s been called the monkey mind – the endless chattering in your head as you jump in your mind from thought to thought while you daydream, analyze your relationships, or worry over the future. Eventually, you start to feel like your thoughts are spinning in circles and you’re left totally confused.

One way to tame this wild creature in your head is through meditation – although the paradox is that when you clear your mind for meditation you actually invite the monkey in your mind to play. This is when you are given the opportunity to tame this mental beast by moving beyond thought – to become aware of a thought rather than thinking a thought. The difference is subtle, but significant. When you are aware of your thoughts, you can let your thoughts rise and float away without letting them pull you in different directions. Being able to concentrate is one of the tools that allows you to slow down your thought process and focus on observing your thoughts.

You can only truly help others when you have become the master of your mind, free of false illusions. Many people feel that just because they have the urge to help they are able to help. Unless you really know what your true identity is, which is not your ego, you will only be trying to offer help from something that is an illusion.

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