Son of Jama Masjid’s Shahi Imam Set To Marry Hindu Girl – Love Jihad ?

Son of Jama Masjid Shahi Imam Set To Marry Hindu Girl

Various reports confirm that the son of Jama Masjid’s Shahi Imam, Shaban Mukhari, is all set to tie the knot with a Hindu girl from Ghaziabad.

The couple has been in a relationship for more than 3 years and the nuptial ceremonies will be held sometime in November.

Shaban was appointed as the the Nabi Imam in a magnificent ceremony held in November last year at Jama Masjid. He will be the fourteenth Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid when he succeeds his father. Many had raised doubts over the accession of Shahi Imam’s son to the position but the protest’s died down after a deal was struck.

The girl, whose name has not been disclosed, is learning Quran in order to fulfill her duties as the wife of Nabi Imam and will convert to Islam once she marries Shaban.

Can we simply call it a LOVE JIHAD instead of other propaganda??


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  • What blady “Love Jihad” !!??

    If a Hindu boy marries a Muslim girl will the Imam & his fanatic followers accept it as Love Jihad…?? NO. NEVER !!! They will pass a “fatwa” to kill the Hindu boy :(.

    Staunch & fanatic rascals !!!

    High time our country’s idiotic leaders take serious measures to cut & keep them in size !!