Saudi employer chops off Indian maid’s hand

Saudi employer chops off Indian maid's hand

A Saudi employer has chopped off an Indian maid’s hand, evoking strong condemnation from India which demanded that a case of attempted murder be lodged against the culprit.

The woman, who hails from North Arcot near Vellore, had reached Saudi Arabia two months ago. In August, Kasturi was first taken to Damam and later shifted to a house in Riyadh, where only women stayed. 

She was reportedly burdened with heavy workload and was not even allowed to have telephonic conversation with her relatives in India.

When Kasturi managed to get help from a Tamil Nadu native, she was locked up inside a room and was subjected to mental and physical torture ever since. Once when she received death threat from the women, she tried to escape through the window of her room.

However, when she got out, her hand was chopped off allegedly by her employer.

Munirathinam is currently being looked after in a Saudi hospital, he said.  The Indian embassy officials have met her and extended all support to her.

“We are aware of the plight of Kashturi Munirathinam, a domestic help who has suffered serious injuries allegedly inflicted by her Saudi Arabian sponsor. This is a very unfortunate and most condemnable incident.” the Spokesperson in the External Affairs Ministry said.  “Our Embassy in Riyadh has taken up the matter with the Saudi Foreign Office and asked for strict action in the matter and severe punishment for the sponsor. We have also sought an independent probe in the incident and urged that a case of attempted murder be lodged against the sponsor so that he is punished, if found guilty as per law.” 

The investigation, which was carried out by Al-Sahafa police, has been handed over to Saudi Investigation Bureau, reports said.

Kasturi is the breadwinner of her family, which consists of her ailing husband, three daughters and one son.

“India also proposes to take up this issue in the JWG on Labour Matters with Saudi Arabia which will be held in New Delhi on October 12-13 and is the established institutional mechanism for such matters,” the Spokesperson said, adding, “We will continue to seek justice for the victim.”

Asked about an update on the condition of three Indians including two teachers, abducted near war-torn Libya and held hostage by the Islamic militant group ISIS, the Spokesperson said they have received a video evidence of their being “alive” as recent as September 27 and they were making all efforts to secure their release.

He also said that there was no ransom demand for their release.



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  • Shameful act by Saudis and even pathetic that our F* Media does not even care about reporting it. Our media is doing every effort to keep the citizens defocussed and deviated from the main topic of everything needed to secure the country. We have many inside selfish and sold out media agents in the country. India has always sufferred due to their own people cheating her. We need to have life imprisonment for those who devalue and work to destroy the nation and its harmony. This needs to be done at the first. My prayers for the strength and support to this lady. Sanskriti, please publish any pledge to support this brave mother.

  • This is absolutely appalling, but sadly not surprising. Saudi Arabia exists virtually in a medieval age, their religion takes precedence over every other activity and, they live by Sharia Law, a brutal and barbaric law which has NO place in the 21st century!